December 7, 2019

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (!) has lifted lower court stays on the Trump Administration’s rule restricting immigration by people who are likely to become “public charges” (that is, who have expensive health problems and no insurance or means of support.) There are other injunctions from courts that aren’t under the 9th Circuit’s jurisdiction, so this will have to be settled by the Supreme Court. 

It’s ridiculous that the SCOTUS should have to bother with this at all, since US immigration law is clear that we are not obligated to accept immigrants who will become a burden on the taxpayers.  But as in so many cases when Trump exercised powers that are plainly his under the Constitution, leftists went judge-shopping and found judges who are willing to substitute their personal feelings for the law and usurp executive powers. It appears that the only solution to this is to replace these judges, which, fortunately, Trump is working on (note that stunning win in the 9th Circuit Court, until recently notorious for its loony left rulings.) 

This is why I no longer bother covering every outrageous extra-judicial ruling from a rogue leftist federal judge: there are too many of them, and the real story isn’t told until they’re appealed to an actual court. In the meantime, we can just hope that the SCOTUS will hold the line and rule on the Constitution instead of their feelings.

This is a hopeful sign that the left may be pushing this “run to the courts” thing too far: Even liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg just issued a temporary stay, blocking House Democrats from obtaining Trump’s businesses' bank records, so they can rifle through them like raccoons in a Dumpster, looking for something to charge him with.

Say, if the House Democrats think they have a right to see all of Trump's personal and business bank records, how about if we get to see all of theirs?  

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