August 3, 2019

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  • Sallie Daggy

    08/04/2019 10:42 AM

    We can't build the Wall fast enough. Deportations are futile if they can sneak right back in. We must remove illegals from our nation. Illegals are bankrupting States....All Entitlements Must Stop Now! Illegals are voting illegally in city, State and Presidential elections....This Must Stop Now! Fraud committed by immigrants and illegals must be prosecuted and they must be deported NOW! Democrats promoting and violating laws passed in Congress must be prosecuted NOW! LAWS MATTER!

  • George J Murrey

    08/03/2019 09:52 PM

    If people are that desperated to come to our country, they should do it the proper way. They should stay in their country and apply for either amnesty or citizenship. Those people expect us to obey their laws, so in turn they respect ours.

  • Lanette Brown G

    08/03/2019 09:07 PM

    I NEVER dreamed when we moved to New Mexico this would happen. I'm beyond frustrated w/ this new Governor & her "Open Border Gonna Feed/Cloth Invaders" policy. {{{mean face}}}
    A house can't fall on her soon enough for the good taxpayers of NM. She's actually making us MISS Bill Richardson! She hasn't bought a helicopter, but I'd rather her do THAT than throw away the millions in surplus her predecessor Susana Martinez (Rep.) accumulated in her 2 terms here.
    Making us a Sanctuary State was her first sin, then she proceeded to allow THOUSANDS of invaders to be dumped in Deming, Las Cruses & Alba-koy-kee. But now, NONE were taken to HER backyard of Santa Fe,...they don't WANT thousands of migrants milling around the State Capital. Jeesh, this OK native couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
    Michelle Lujan-Grisham is a disgrace to NM & to the USA government. With a set-up like THAT, it'll be a miracle if our state survives until 2025, when she has committed to be fossil fuel dependent-free. Let's see MLG, how does GETTING RID of the larges source of the economy in NM make the SLIGHTEST bit of sense to a sane person.
    Uh, that would be NONE because our "Round House" of DEM politicians are INSANE.
    Allowing the illegal entry of all these migrants SHOULD be labeled just what it is & the politicians allowing it to happen SHOULD be charged w/ Aiding & Harboring of Illegals. Allowing them to roam FREE w/o the vetting SHOULD be considered criminal activity.
    At least Bill Richardson saw the need for a State of Emergency in 2005, to get aid in preventing so many illegals invading our Southern border.
    I hope we get out of here alive, I'm ready to get out of this state of illegals.