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  • Kim Gant

    03/26/2020 08:38 AM

    This is a disappointing headline that I believe is misleading folks to believe that Fauci and Trump aren't on the same page!! I haven't gotten that impression at all. President Trump clearly articulated that he would be talking to the task force members and others as they assess the situation and clearly stated he wouldn't do anything rash regarding opening up the country. Exactly when and how did Fauci "urge Trump" to be flexible. Trump had already indicated that his approach would be flexible and Fauci only reiterated that to make the message clear!!

    Dr. Fauci and VP Pence only reiterated and expounded on what President Trump said in an effort to make it clear that they are cautiously optimistic about the possibility of opening up parts of the country by Easter, but that vigilant commitment to the 15- day plan is critical to slow the spread and they all stated that they would be continually monitoring and assessing. Part of that assessment means weighing the effects of a country-wide shutdown against the effects of the virus.

    The remedy can't be worse than the sickness means that we can't keep the country shut down past a certain point or food and supplies will no longer be available and people could starve to death, not have access to life-saving treatments or medicines, experience deep depression, etc.. If healthcare workers, truckers, mail and delivery service workers, food service workers and many others can continue to work through the isolation/shutdown period and survive, that will certainly be an indicator that some others may be able to do the same sooner rather than later.

    I have heavily counted on you to do a fair and informed assessment of activities in the political arena, but this gives me pause!