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  • Amelia Little

    12/21/2019 02:59 PM

    biden's crew came up with a cover for joe saying--yeah, no problem do away with 100,000 jobs which matched my guess. Gee, they'll have jobs with the green thing--someone is going to have to tear down all the non-compliant buildings and put up new ones!!!

    Yang was actually rational in his statement about they need to concentrate on fixing the problems that President Trump is fixing. (paraphrased.) For myself, I say President Trump is doing a great job so far (in spited of congressional obstruction) so, no need to change over to someone new in 2020.

    And, I seem to remember all through the years, candidates attending some fantabulous gathering where it cost $5,000, $10,000 or more just to attend. Including hil was reported to be at such bashes during her campaign. But, it's a problem for Mayor Pete to do so? Not that I'm for Mayor Pete, but it seems pocahontas is pretty hypocritical for saying it was all wrong from him.

    And, did I hear Juan or maybe it was Greg, who mentioned bern held up the circle signal that it seems cadets were recently being investigated for reportedly doing. But, it's okay for bern? (Glad to know, though, that the investigation into the cadets exonerated them from the fury of activists and rabble rousers. Good grief, there are kids all over the country who play the circle game with that gesture. People need to get a freaking grip.

    Thanks for the video and their input on a debate that would be hard to stomach. And, thank them for watching.