July 11, 2019

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  • Susan Furnish

    07/11/2019 10:38 PM

    Well, what is it called that the JUSTICE DEMOCRATS only CHOSE 'women of color' to groom to hopefully get them into office? Not even 1 'whitey' in the bunch?? Hahahaha! (With AOC, I heard a video of someone interviewing people on the street in her district, & they think she's way off base with her stance about the border & a few felt the same way about her views about the Green New Deal.....It seems to me, that it was the JUSTICE DEMOCRATS that set this standard of contention with 'women of color'! They could use this attribute as a point of contention or as an excuse if people don't like what they are saying. Has nothing to do with their color, or the fact that they are women. It has to do with the fact, that their ideas are NOT embraced by the majority of America, & it tends towards socialism, which they got used to hearing, having worked for Bernie Sanders. (Well, at least the 3 that I listed as the staff, that groomed them. (As far as "I" know, most candidates that are just starting out, are simply patriotic loyal citizens of the USA that want to represent the citizens in their districts to have a voice, & be in office for a time, with genuine hearts & attitudes to help fulfill the Constitution better; not change it.) These 4 do not respect the Constitution of the United States, & they are trying to change America into NOT America. (*I do understand, tho, the Justice Dem. org.'s frustration with huge corporations that think they can simply donate gobs of $$ to certain things/people, & think they can 'rule' because of it. But everything else they are saying is just would not have a good ending....... Looking at the founders of the JUSTICE DEMOCRATS, Alexandra Rojas seems to be hispanic, due to her name; Nasim Thompson 'looks' like she is caucasian, but by her name, seems to be of possible Middle Eastern descent; Saikat Chakrabarti is obviously of Indian descent; and Corbin Trent-the WHITE GUY!..... Hahahaha! And 3 of these worked with Bernie & were hearing his socialistic thoughts for a while....We are ALL people of color! NO one is really 'white' & NO one is really 'black'....we are all shades of brown. The problem is these 4's ATTITUDES and/or their lack of skill, experience,knowledge & tact. Seems to me, that the JUSTICE DEMOCRATS are the ones that are racist against 'white' people. Has nothing to do with color or shade. Yes, it was the British that set up our government, but so what? If they had the gumption to do it, then why not??? It's better than any other government on earth! Yes, the American Indians were here, but they didn't attempt to create a government....they were just living....There WERE no borders at that time. It wasn't even called the United States yet. It was free for all; open land to claim....they lived off the land; but the British were more 'refined'? more city-fied? The British had more organization...I don't know why! It was just like that! Maybe because Christianity had flooded Europe & it hadn't in this western hemisphere yet....YET! KEY WORD! The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ migrated & spread from the Middle East! So of course it would have proceeded from the east across the ocean.....Could it be that, it is CHRISTIANITY that brought civilization to mankind??? It certainly does bring a peace & divine order to any country & people that it is preached to.....