February 2, 2021

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  • Evelyn Aarseth

    02/11/2021 05:57 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee although you were not my governor, you have always been a person I have respected. Please, so many of us Patriots are seeking direction of what we can and/or should be doing in regard to this fraudulent election. Biden is going to ruin this country, and our children and grandchildren will suffer the greatest. Please tell me what I can be proactively doing. I will share that suggestion with thousands of others. Our Amendments are in dire jeopardy as this evil administration threatens to take them away, and it appears if we do nothing, that is exactly what will happen. This evil administration must be stopped. I'm not deplorable. I'm not a terrorist. I love my country.
    Evelyn Aarseth, American Patriot

  • Judy Kay Hudson

    02/09/2021 07:04 PM

    It is very difficult for me to say Biden is my President. Unfortunately he is the President elected fraudulently. So I just say he is the President.

  • Karen M McCalpin

    02/03/2021 11:54 AM

    Governor Huckabee, I am a conservative Christian from California, born and raised here. I have seen my beautiful state go from paradise to something now almost unrecognizable! It is heartbreaking to watch. I have grandchildren who now are being indoctrinated into liberalism in school. I pray for them.

    I want you to know how much your words keep me sane in this world we now find ourselves in. Thank you for your strength and wisdom! God bless, and Go Sarah!

  • Diane Day

    02/03/2021 09:37 AM

    He is POTUS in name only. He is the Left's puppet. Does not stand for all American's

  • Marty Carpenter

    02/03/2021 09:31 AM

    Would there be anyway to pick up the illegals coming across the Texas border in a bus and drop them off in Washington DC? For to long Texas has to pick up the bill, headaches, housing, and danger.

  • Frances Bachicha

    02/02/2021 08:12 PM

    The thought is absurd. Even he knows he is mentally incapable of performing the required duties of an elected official! This is where we find ourselves. Joe a counterfeit president and his wife a pretend doctor. Must run in the family.

  • Cheryl barkley

    02/02/2021 03:26 PM

    Biden is a puppet. He has 600 lawyers behind him writing laws and putting them forth. He could never even possibly come close to running our great nation. The whole idea is to take the U.S. Down and we are going to head there fast.

  • Marsha Edmonds

    02/02/2021 01:47 PM

    He was not elected. The American people will pay. They will reap what they sow. Every one who voted for him will feel the same side effects we do. Love to hear your views. Trump still my president.

  • Robert Lowry Jr.

    02/02/2021 11:39 AM

    Hello Governor!

    I always look forward to your emails and online videos. Awesome!!

    I am getting multiple daily texts and emails from the "Republican" party begging for money. I have tried to remove my information from the party but it always leads to not succeeding. The "party" turned it's back on 70+ million of us conservatives and I refuse to support the "party" any further. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Robert Lowry Jr

  • Roberta Ann

    02/02/2021 11:04 AM

    A president in office fraudulently is nobody's president...How can we get Republicans and conservative Democrats to work together, Mr. Huckabee???

  • Patricia Taylor

    02/02/2021 10:17 AM

    I love your grace-filled replies to those who judge. You sir are a breathe of fresh air. Thank you

    Team Sarah!

  • Donna ONeill Talley

    02/02/2021 10:15 AM

    Thank you for addressing the “not my President comment”. I am struggling with prayer for this administration.

    Also, as a Christian but one who will not be storming Captial buildings and one that does respect all races and skin colours but also one that is angry and tried Of the racist cruel comments made by the left and Dems ..I’d like
    To constructively give my opinion on the cruel rhetoric but to whom
    And how?

  • Linda Guy-Tavares

    02/02/2021 10:03 AM

    I appreciate your sanity in this crazy time. You keep me smiling. I will continue to do as I have always done. Pray for those in government. For wisdom. Even if they don't like prayers. Or wisdom!!

  • Lynn Branch

    02/02/2021 09:29 AM

    Absolutely NOT!