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  • Richard Williams

    04/25/2020 12:45 PM

    Dear Governor (and Trey Gowdy),
    I am asking this question with complete honesty and a sincere desire to know how can we, as voting American citizens, implement term limits?
    I've heard forever (since 1980 1st voted) about Congress going to set term limits. It's always been a election hot button, but as soon as they are elected, it disappears.
    I'm tired of the fox running the hen house. Our framers never intended for the acceptance of career politicians. In my opinion, this is the root of all the corruption in D.C.
    Congress will set forth a bill for term limits. So how do we really, get the ball rolling?
    I've signed literally hundreds of petitions to start the process just to see the movement evaporate. We need citizen leadership with experience and legal knowledge to lead the way to end this debacle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I've always enjoyed you and Congressman Gowdy for your intelligence and morals to want to expose the corruption and love for our country.
    I humbly await your response.
    Richard Williams

  • Priscilla jena

    04/10/2020 10:45 AM

    Trey man I love how you think. We need to stop this crap with China. We need to make our own stuff here and worry about Americans.