July 23, 2019

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  • Curtis Dall

    07/26/2019 07:41 PM

    This Country was made great because of fore-founders and their diligence in creating our Constitution and Bill of Rights which in part guarantees “The Right of Free Speech”. When it comes to what Omar and the other members of the “Squad” however, these four are not only pushing the envelope on this right, they are stomping all over it! I can’t believe ANYONE with a decent IQ could and do believe in them. Our President (God Bless Him) is doing a wonderful job and because he is, it is really pissing them off!

  • Susan Furnish

    07/23/2019 07:44 PM

    She is speaking a lie that the enemy of mankind's soul has fed to people for thousands of years. I do not see the racism in Trump. It is not there. For the "4" do not have a platform unless they keep this 'racist' lie going....There is no way that the 2 muslims in this gorup can function properly according to our Constitution, because their belief system is contary to our Constitution. They would have to kick out their adherance to the quran to even understand the principles of America. Something is wrong here; something is twisted here; .......I ask: Where did the hatred that islam has against Christians come from? Because it is INHERENTLY inside of every muslim. There is no way that muslims care about all people, because that attitude of 'superiority' is imbedded into every muslim; pounded into them; not because they CHOSE it, but because they were born into an islamic family. So, muslims do not get the choice of who they will worship & believe. They are EXPECTED to just go along with the islamic traditions, & possibly die if they don't, & are shunned a lot of times, if they walk awy from it. They are slaves to it. Their god does not tell them that they are loved; their god does not call them by their name; She is a slave to that hatred, so she feels like dirt & weak & a failure, if she does not hang onto that hatred tightly, with all her might, trying to sound so 'right' & professional, in what she says to groups of people. The 4 are speaking lies to America. Are we going to be gullible & listen & believe them?? NO! NO! NO! Just because omar went to college, oh, she is our teacher now?? Hahaha! Not. She acts as if she is 'the mother' of the 4. Like she's Yoda, or something. (Watch ehr, when they all 4 appear together...) She sees herself as 'so very wise'; Why? Just because she has children? No, because she is a muslim. She will persist, because that is all she knows. Also, Tlaib. Cortez is a little different story, but still, a hatred has developed inside of her too. Do they not know that hatred will kill them eventually? I am all for Fairness to all peoples; but omar does not ultimately want fairness to all; she wants islam to ascend above all, & eventually take over in this country, Muslim Brotherhood. Sharia law. Seeing as how it is muslims & muslim sympathizers, that voted her in. She is wanting to make it so muslims are in a better position in America than anyone else. (Pressley does not stand out to me.) But hopefully, omar will be voted out in 2020. Actually, it is a possibility that all 4 will be voted out in 2020.

  • Rose Rousakis

    07/23/2019 07:01 PM

    She a nut!