September 28, 2019

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  • Mark Vaughn

    09/30/2019 01:05 PM

    DEMOCRATS have been Grasping for straws since 2016... This new attack over the Ukraine is nothing more than another REACHED FOR crushed Straw which in the end will ALSO amount to nothing....... The Democratic Party will have screwed the AMERICAN Taxpayers once again forcing us to PAY for their useless pointless info All for Nothing... Trump Will not be Impeached, HE will win in 2020 AND the Democratic Party will again be Pissed AND Regroup in yet another attempt to SHOW their HATE for him and YES! AGAIN the Tax payer gets screwed paying for their Tantrums.................................. It is clear that This CYCYLE WILL CONTINUE UNTILL THEY WIN THE WHITE HOUSE BACK or the American people revolt and physically remove the ones causing all the problems....... BOTTOM LINE!!!!! Americans voted for this man and THAT should end the tantrums..... PERIOD...

  • James T Houghton

    09/28/2019 10:48 AM

    Ted Cruz is spot on! Executive Privilege is in Peril as for cooperation with foreign Heads of state Now. Any conversation now is subject to investigations by the Democratic Crime Party. Schiff with his so called Dispicable parody should be subject to immediate Expulsion. This is a Clown show simply because Madame President is not and will never be! Fight these criminal socialist bastards and expose them for what they are. Vote Republican!