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  • Lisa Jones

    04/01/2020 02:46 PM

    This is absolutely insane! Congress went home- they are just throwing money at this- schools shut down the rest of the year?! People have lost their livelihoods and Nancy Pelosi is now talking about clean water?! The "leaders" of this country have lost their minds and they are going to destroy this nation. As it stands- if we ended this shut down tomorrow- millions would be out of work possibly permanently! Certain industry wiped out permanently. Over a virus with a 98% possibly higher recovery rate. I am more and more convinced we will not recognize our nation at all if and when this ever ends.

  • Amelia Little

    04/01/2020 02:37 PM

    It's amazing the number of business that are "essential" --for sure many working on a modified system, but still employing a number of their employees. As for the vaccine--good luck for everyone in the country to actually take the vaccine--I would suppose at least the current anti-vaxxers would turn their noses up.

    I don't know about CA, but many, many school districts throughout the country HAVE continued the school year--on-line classes, packets, etc--lets the school year end (maybe a couple of weeks later than usual) with kids getting their education, and keeps educators employed with tracking lessons finished and helping students get through the "new way" of schooling. As the Gov of Kansas (and many others) point out, the BUILDINGS closed, not the education process. Tech companies have stepped up to provide free internet for households that do not have access, and many, many districts have been issuing laptops for several years at least to each student.

    I just hope that, in going through the "steps" of the bills--that the focus is entirely on dealing with the crisis and returning the nation back to normal, even if it's a new normal, and leave out all the pork like $$$ to the Kennedy Center which immediately laid off orchestra members, and to PBS and pp and any other entity that has nothing to do with dealing with the crisis and with the recovery. Stick to the business at hand!!! Would be a good time as any to get rid of pork in ANY bills henceforth.