March 7, 2019

The Democrats have a big problem.

It’s not the constant talk of impeaching Trump and the multiple investigations run amok, although those are problems, too. It’s not the apparent failure of the Mueller investigation to find “collusion” between Trump and Russia. Their huge new problem is the revelation --- shocking!! --- that a lot of Democrats are…


Think about it --- THE most important thing to them is diversity: of race, ethnicity, gender/sexual orientation (57 at last count), religion (or lack thereof), country of origin, citizenship status, economic status, language skills, everything. Everything, that is, except for people who are…

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Jewish. Jews bad. Or if not Jewish, even just supporting Israel, because Israel bad. We don’t know how many Democrats harbor these feelings, but a few of the far-lefties have been quite vocal about it. And the issue of whether to permit anti-Semitism in their ranks is dividing Democrats. Freshman Minnesota Rep. Ilhab Omar, one of the first two Muslim women ever elected to Congress, can’t seem to stop herself from making anti-Semitic remarks and now faces the possibility of censure. But House Democrats have so much discomfort with even mildly censuring her point of view –- let alone singling her out by name –- that they are trying to come up with an alternative, in the form of an extremely broad-based condemnation of bias-in-general that takes the focus off Omar’s anti-Semitism.

Fellow Democratic Congressional newbies Alexandria “you-just-pay-for-it” Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rashida “impeach-the-MF” Tlaib of Michigan, who at one time wrote a column for Louis Farrakhan’s Nation Of Islam newspaper, helped lead this move.

To reference what Victor Davis Hanson observed on Wednesday, if everything is bias, then nothing is bias. Remember, Democrats have traditionally run on the idea that Republicans are racist and generally prejudiced against anyone unlike them, while Democrats are inclusive, tolerant, free of racism. In congratulating themselves for being bias-free, they risk injury from patting themselves on the back so hard.

But this week, they are showing that to be a bunch of hooey, by hesitating to stand up to the bigots in their own party. Many, perhaps most of them, in the interest of party “unity,” refuse to single out a Muslim for her anti-Semitic remarks. They can’t even seem to get “unified” about a resolution that condemns anti-Semitism in general unless it includes an obligatory protection for Islamophobia. The irony here is that the Democratic Party itself is displaying Islamophobia, as it is afraid of condemning things being said about Jews because a Muslim is saying them. I’ll bet that if you turned it around, they would be afraid NOT to sanction anyone who dared speak disparagingly about Muslims.

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As Newt Gingrich said on Wednesday’s “Hannity” show, “There’s a deep anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli bias on the left. There are a lot of people on the left who’d be very happy if Israel disappeared tomorrow, and who feel 100 percent on the side of Hamas even while it’s firing rockets at Israeli cities.”

Twelve pro-Israel groups are calling on House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi to remove Rep. Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. (How did this freshie get assigned to that prestigious committee in the first place?) The head of the committee, Rep. Eliot Engel of New York, who is Jewish, has called what Omar said “a vile, anti-Semitic slur” but said on Wednesday that he would not support removing her. And Pelosi, apparently terrified of the power of a few outspoken newcomers, has said that Omar’s tweets were not “intentionally anti-Semitic.” Really?

As I’ve always said, to find out what Democrats are doing, listen to what they’re accusing Republicans of doing. It’s like the old saying, “When you point a finger at somebody else, three fingers are pointing back at you.” Democrats are NOT inclusive, NOT tolerant, and many of them ARE anti-Semitic. Certainly they hesitate or outright refuse to support our strong ally and the one Western-style democracy in the Mideast, Israel.

Just look on the typical college campus to see how inclusive and tolerant they are of any other point of view. If they are “triggered” by any opposing viewpoint, the debate is shut down and they are protected from any challenging thought. And as for ethnic bias, look at the characters who took control of the Women’s Marches, such as Linda Sarsour, who is aligned with terrorist groups and advocates for female genital mutilation while blaming the “Jewish media” for the negative press she’s received. That organization is now being led by people so openly anti-Semitic that many Democratic women have publicly distanced themselves.

The internet has been affected, too. As Tucker Carlson reported on Wednesday, Amazon (which totally dominates the worldwide book market) has banned a book by British activist Tommy Robinson because it is “critical of Islam.” That’s not just the new books –- even second-hand sellers are banned from selling it. Facebook shut down Robinson’s page, and he was banned from YouTube. Tucker pointed out that books critical of Christianity abound, and the classic liberals of old would have been horrified by these attempts at censorship.

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Also, keep in mind that these are media empires, so the effect filters throughout media to the culture as a whole. The Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos, didn’t even cover the Robinson book ban. Leftists may as well pile “unapproved” books in the center of the town square and light a match, as this is really the same thing.

And as long as we’re talking about prejudice on the left, I thought we weren’t supposed to judge people by their skin color any more. Isn’t that what Democrats have always accused white Republicans of doing? Well, sadly, this still happens, but the focus on skin color comes from the left. According to Daniella Greenbaum Davis of “The Federalist,” the casting of Will Smith as Venus and Serena Williams’ father has come under fire because his skin is not dark enough to play that character. He is black, of course, but he doesn’t LOOK black enough. Have they thought about putting him in blackface?

The controversy even got picked up by the BBC…

The Democrats are so obsessed with identity politics that they can’t seem to see how racist it is and how racist THEY are by focusing on it. If we were actually racists, they wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of faking hate crimes, such as Jussie Smollett’s ridiculous fraud involving rope and bleach. We on the right are the ones who don’t care about such differences. (As brilliant economist and commentator Thomas Sowell says, “I have the feeling that many Americans would just as soon not hear any more about race.”)

We don’t think about who is Jewish, either, in terms of ethnicity or religion. But we can look around and see that others care, a lot. Others on the left. Mark Steyn has a great piece on anti-Semitism, pointing out that “it’s getting pretty crowded at Jew-Hate Junction,” starting with the Islamization of Europe (“an alliance of the secular left and Islam”) and progressing to a similar alliance here in America, particularly in our new Democratic Congress.

“The House leadership just backed down,” Steyn writes of the power struggle with Omar. “...It cannot even insist on its anti-Semitic bona fides without weaseling and equivocating.” And in that he sees “a glimpse of the future.”

In other words, right now the Democrats have a big problem, but it increasingly will be everyone’s.


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