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  • C Cap

    03/27/2020 04:01 PM

    Shame on you for passing a bill that has so much “pork” in it that NOTHING to do with helping the American people get through this crisis.

  • Donna Waber

    03/27/2020 10:34 AM

    Thank you. I am 57 yr In school I am said to say I never did understand Government. I would like to see a Bill Pass. That does not allow any extras to be put in it. Only the matter at hand. Then there wouldn’t be extras Perks like Nancy Pelosi is doing is a disgrace to the American people for us to have to give in for her wish list We as American people have wish lists we have to go work for them. This is a comment to Nancy Pelosi, “ there’s a thing called fundraising the Kennedy Center No matter how great this institutions is, it should not be in this bill. Nancy Pelosi, I challenge you to actually go out And fundraise this on your own. Be aware it will be harder but it’s more rewarding then Placing it on the American People. SHAME on you when the first bill was sent out, all of your wish list can’t you make them happen on your own“ So here’s my wish list I wish Congress when passing a bill can only have what pertains to that bill. No extra thoughts no extra wishes no extra time wasted stay focused We the people place our lives in your hands Lastly I believe President Trump has done wonders for our great nation could you imagine where we could have been if he didn’t have all the delays. If I was to impeach anybody would be Nancy Pelosi. November it would be a sweet thing straight ticket,you know where I’m going! May God be with us All. Donna

  • Lori Williams

    03/27/2020 01:01 AM

    Pass this bill but do not give in to Pelosi! Taking two payoffs down to one is criminal! Giving Pelosi and Congress a raise while Americans suffer is unforgivable!

  • Susan von Lindenberg

    03/26/2020 10:47 PM

    I do not like the idea that Speaker Pelosi has padded this bill with pork! This should not be allowed! Change the rules! Give President Trump a line item veto! Thank you!

  • jayne witzki

    03/26/2020 10:46 PM

    Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. DON'T TRUST ANY DEMOCRAT.