March 21, 2020

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  • Paula and Steve Wold

    03/21/2020 11:56 AM

    I am not sure what people don’t understand. The task force and the Surgeon General have said it over and over again. If everyone followed these guidelines; the CV would halt. On the other hand, my husband and I are Seniors. We can’t go in to a store and run around grab food. Even if it has a Senior time, it is a limited amount of time and people have to wait in line; first come first served.Items items needed are gone again.
    People shopping are still exposed.
    I have chronic serious illnesses and my husband goes to do most of the in store shopping. I try to do what I can do on-line. By the time I need to order many items are saying “Out of stock .” When I do get what order is in and select pick-up time the people who have money and can put order in faster have taken the slots and when we pick-up half the groceries ordered were not in stock again. They don’t put your order together immediately. So, when they do, people have come in and bought up your items. They should put aside your order immediately. Charge your card immediately. Then not let someone but those items from your order. It seems to be a case of the case of the “fittest and the richest.” We are neither.
    I am an older lady who is scared. We are away from our home state where I felt more familiarity.
    This is not how I expected to live my last years of my life.
    I am now living in fear when I should be having fun. The Press never stops. Some other topics would be nice to hear. I have never in my 71 years been so scared. I am a Christian, however I still am human. If I or my husband get sick, we have nobody here. I miss my home state. Not that it is left state, but it is home.
    Only in AZ because we lost our home when I got sick and found a cheaper place to live. Our old church rented a truck and helped us. I am sorry I went on and on. I am just wanting positive in our life. All I hear is negative.