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  • Renee Kilman

    01/16/2020 06:28 PM

    Love Sarah Sanders! Trump 2020!!

  • Amelia Little

    01/16/2020 02:14 PM

    I must admit I only watched clips of the debate. And, I'm sure the ones I watched were not the most presentable moments of the candidates. However, the clip I did see of joe biden, if he would be like that in any debate with President Trump, he'd be sitting down after the first 5 minutes. He did put sentences together when he was explaining how wonderfully well (cough cough) the Iran deal was working until President Trump started to dismantle it. Otherwise, his eyes were closed a lot, he fumbled for words A LOT, just a miserable showing. I almost felt sorry for him. Wonder if he would have been a little more animated if there were questions on the impeachment and Ukraine.

    Good luck with your book, Sarah!!!

  • Mary Ann Winters

    01/16/2020 02:11 PM

    Way to go, Sarah. Arkansas is proud of you!!!

  • Patricia Allison Piedrahita

    01/16/2020 01:09 PM