June 27, 2019

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  • Amelia Little

    06/27/2019 10:49 AM

    Melissa Francis is right--this problem has festered for far too long. I am sure there were issues before I remember--but I noticed problems from at least GWB's administration. So much of rewriting the immigration law, changing how to do amnesty, etc. since even before 2001. Like so many other laws--a stand out for me is DUI--how about first ENFORCING the existing laws before deciding, oh, we have to spend a few thousand man-hours and a few million dollars to rewrite the law. A start right now would be--to routinely enforce existing laws. Remove those sheriffs and mayors and governors who essentially give the one finger salute to laws from their offices. Fire law enforcement employees who fail to do their jobs. Remove judges from the bench who refuse to turn criminal illegals over to ICE. Fire jail/prison officials who don't notify ICE of a release of such a person IN A TIMELY MANNER. Penalize employers who knowingly hire illegals, or who don't check legal/illegal status. Just. Enforce. Existing. Laws.

    ocasio continues to be a dufus. Just like crying about employment--yet causing a ruckus and being proud that she (probably with the help of others, but she wants full credit) prevented Amazon from setting up headquarters in NYC. Uhm..that would be a company that pays the coveted $15/hr wage the left demands. 20,000 jobs for HER constituents. Gee, they might get what they are demanding--can't have that happen. So, one of the loudest cries amongst the left is that children are sleeping on the cold floor, horrible, inhumane. So, a company wants to help alleviate this travesty by PROVIDING BEDS. From what I read, it wasn't going to cost ICE, the US taxpayer, congress any money. Heavens--if there are beds for the kids, that is one sob story we would have to vacate--can't have that!!! I'm not sure I have heard of wayfair's political stance on anything, or that they have given money to Christian organizations, or not given money to LBGT. So, I guess her reasoning is--if wayfair tries to help better conditions--that means they are FOR border control, FOR ICE, etc. Another instance of cutting off her nose to spite her face.

    And, as usual, the left has stopped a bill that would give money to better conditions, to provide manpower and resources to deal with illegal immigration. I am not sure exactly what one little thing makes them against the bill. Probably $2.00 allocated to the wall. As they have done for YEARS, it's completely their way or the highway. THEY expect conservatives to absolutely cave to bills THEY present, to give up anything they want included in the bill.