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  • David Whitman

    08/28/2019 08:51 AM

    A dog gets more information from smelling another dogs butt, than a human listening to CNN.

  • Jeanette Styers

    08/28/2019 01:06 AM

    In the first place Greg Gutfield didn’t say anything on CNN. That was a pseudo psychiatrist friend of Humpty Dumpty. People sure make some bad mistakes about reporting facts that are true.

  • JoAnn Preas

    08/27/2019 02:31 PM

    Want to know what is going on.

  • Gloria Kindon

    08/27/2019 01:47 PM

    Do these CNN mooks and their puppets forget that OUR President passed, a un required mental health exam, given by a physician/psychiatrist appointed by the Democrats? They should look after their own mental health issues! Yes you may use my comments!!

  • Lois Dryfuse

    08/27/2019 01:12 PM

    Mr Gutfield, I thought you were a bigger man than that speaking about our President in the manner that you did. You along with the rest of the ?? should grow up and act like a mature adult. I won't waste my time watching your show anymore. At one time, I really enjoyed your show.

  • Olga Fuller

    08/27/2019 01:07 PM

    This is how CNN and the other leftist news casters cherry pick to make remarks that aren't true. They probably do the same if they read the Bible, which is highly unlikely.