March 23, 2020

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  • Trish Zechel

    03/26/2020 07:46 PM

    Nancy and Chuck needs to stay on topical.

  • Dennis Tingue

    03/24/2020 06:33 PM

    Nancy and Chuck and the rest of them need to get their heads out their asses and start doing what's right

  • Terry Delamielleure

    03/24/2020 12:11 PM

    This is totally disgusting by the dems .. they should be removed

  • Barbara Stocker

    03/24/2020 10:39 AM

    We can only hope the Dems get there act together! This is a national emergency this is a time not to add on extra bills to this vote ! People are dying and without work and money!!!

  • Floyd H Moore Jr

    03/23/2020 11:20 PM

    They (Democrats) don't care - anything to destroy President Trump and the United States. Without help for the large businesses there could very well be no jobs to go back to when this runs its course. Praying for President Trump and his team that they remain focused and not become fatigued. God Bless them and the United States.

  • Socirr Bonifacio

    03/23/2020 11:19 PM

    DEMocrats Politicians using the crisis for their own agenda, that has nothing to do with the virus people r suffering. They dont care about the nation.