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  • Ed Slayton

    06/23/2020 07:19 PM

    Way to go Kayleigh great job!!!!

  • Mary Linda Smith

    06/23/2020 10:35 AM

    Acosta acts like a total jerk. And he's a camera hog.

  • Paul K Wagner

    06/22/2020 07:30 PM

    Why are we continually exposed to the putrid remarks of Jim Acosta?

    This is not a First Amendment issue, it is a simple matter of respect, if Mr. Acosta in unable to show even a modicum of respect every time he opens his mouth, he should be permanently banned from all White House events. Mr. Acosta does not deserve a press pass if he is unable to demonstrate respect for our Executive personnel in our House. There are many other professional men and women who would cherish that job, even if they had differing opinions of the president. Respect should be given for the Office, not the person occupying it, yet Mr. Acosta is unable to comprehend that concept. If CNN had any sense, they would replace Mr. Acosta forthwith!

  • Kay Thomas

    06/22/2020 05:26 PM

    Love it! She's a bulldog! Keep it up, Kayleigh!

  • Rosalie B Peck

    06/22/2020 04:26 PM

    The righteous indignation! Where was it when LBJ used a child picking daisies to raise misleading false concerns about his opponent? The facts are on the President's side this time. CNN consistently misrepresents facts and distorts "News" to fit their agenda. Trump just shows one method they use in his honest satire. You will note he presented the entire video of the children, not just the distortion as is commonly done by his enemies.

  • Gerry Suarez

    06/22/2020 04:15 PM

    when will Jim grow and act like a professional journalist?

  • Robin D Thibou

    06/22/2020 02:55 PM

    he is constantly badgering and never let's you finish when it doesn't please him. Why do you allow him there. If all he does is lie, I wouldn't let him there.

  • Antonio

    06/22/2020 02:37 PM

    Next time she should say: If you keep interrupting me I will not answer any more of your question.Jim Acosta has no manners whatsoever and she should tell him.

  • Patrick Embleton

    06/22/2020 01:30 PM

    Tear his arse up, Kayleigh! You go girl! LMAO

  • Gloria Wolfram

    06/22/2020 01:07 PM

    He is a fake news trouble maker