February 23, 2020

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  • Roy Lee Ford

    02/25/2020 10:48 AM

    We have sent thousands upon thousands of our young men and women overseas to fight, and in many cases, die, to stop the very ideology that the democrats and Bernie Sanders are trying to shove down our throats, whether you are republican, democrat , black, white, Hispanic, or Native American , we have to vote all democrats out of office on local, state, and federal levels, once freedom is gone , it will never be back

  • Sandra Roberts

    02/24/2020 05:31 PM

    A prosperous, safe, Christian nation

  • Naomi Smith

    02/24/2020 02:04 PM

    Exceptional young man who has his priorities right. Thank God for his ability to speak concisely and cohesively about the political situation today.

  • Kevin McHugh

    02/24/2020 01:05 PM

    He has accomplished more for USA than any other president.

  • Pamela Gatto

    02/24/2020 11:11 AM

    Your message is clear, you are an awesome man, thank you for stepping up and helping others to do the same

  • Carolyn Kanoho

    02/24/2020 07:58 AM

    So impressed by this young man & for what he stands for & believes. God bless him in all he endeavors to do!

  • Elva Ewell

    02/24/2020 12:10 AM

    I voted against killary last time and this time, against socialism and all the other isms that would destroy our country.

  • Vernon Starks

    02/23/2020 09:56 PM

    Trump is the only president that has done what he said he would do before being elected. The conservatives watched helplessly as Obama tried for 8 years to divide and destroy America. Obama brought thousands of Muslims and illegal immigrants in America. Trump is stopping that with the wall and you must go thru the proper channels. Trump/Pence 2020.

  • Joyce Corcoran

    02/23/2020 07:49 PM

    Voting to continue the good economy, an economy that has put millions back to work. Voting for trump so he can finish delivering his promises. Voting for border security and to get control of immigration. Voting for trump because he’s a winner and America loves winners

  • Larry Sherman

    02/23/2020 07:45 PM

    How can I get a DVD copy of Huckabee's program February 22, 2020?