November 8, 2019

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  • Kurt Anderson

    11/12/2019 11:21 AM

    Ken Burns is an Ann Arbor, Michigan and Pioneer High School graduate like myself. I had lived 40 of my 55 years in Ann Arbor and as such was known as a “townie”.

    I tried to post the announcement that Ken Burns would be on the Huckabee show on the Facebook group called “ Ann Arbor Townies”. I had been a member for many years, since Facebook began. The announcement was removed and I was warned that I was “violating policy” of the group. Apparently some members were aghast that a Christian channel was polluting their page and Mr. Huckabee called some very vile names. I politely asked for clarification, as I did not violate any policy, but the moderator was obviously a liberal pundit herself and gave me the most ridiculous farce of a response. It was almost antagonistic- downright immature and mean spirited. I had seen many posts about Mr. Burns over the years and he was considered a native son and the locals so proud of him.

    So I posted the announcement again, as friends of mine had really wanted to know about seeing Mr. Burns as many of us love his work and knew he and his family in the Burns Park area of Ann Arbor. The post was removed and I was permanently removed from the group. What a sad day. This was a group representing Ann Arbor “Townies” who would have normally cheered with such enthusiasm at Mr. Burns, but since it was on the Huckabee show, (oh. My. Gosh!!!) they treated him worse than if he had shown up in a Ohio State sweater and worn a red MAGA hat!

    It was appalling and wrong, and I must say that I am truly embarrassed to say that I am from Ann Arbor. They have progressively (no pun intended) been losing their minds with this kind of liberal “cancel-culture” hatred and showed exactly zero tolerance (pun intended) to two men and a show that is classy, moral and just plain fun to watch. Like a slice of old fashioned America- the Ann Arbor of old, if you will. The place that I once grew up in. The feel of something Ken Burns could capture in one of his wonderful historical works. But Ann Arbor has now been destroyed by people and ideologies whose political narratives override any sense of reason and morality.

    I was so disappointed as I could have made aware many Ann Arborites that Mr. Burns interview was upcoming, but his very own “townies” turned their backs on him over vile politics. It is so sad that I have to post this.

    Thank-you, Ken and both of you for a first-class, completely apolitical interview that made anyone feel wonderful about seeing the Country Music series and life in general. I truly feel sorry for the ignorant and hate-filled entities in Ann Arbor that would try to stop freedom loving Americans from simply seeing a television interview. Shame. I really enjoyed the show. Life is good.

  • Lesley Swain

    11/08/2019 06:14 PM

    When and what station is it going to shown on? Cant find any info about it. Ken Burns usually shows on our local pbs station but I don't watch it anymore so dont get their scheduling??