July 15, 2019

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  • Linda Hoy

    07/16/2019 01:58 AM

    I am so proud of our President and the group that is around him..We must stand tall and stand beside him so we can win.
    PS: I went into Google search and typed in "epstein and clinton" opened it up wow Then I went back into google and typed in "epstein and trump" wow you should seewhat comes up. You can not tell me that Google isn't far left

  • Regina Dolan

    07/15/2019 02:12 PM

    I'm glad that Senator Graham is on the . president's team at this point. He has served for a very long time in the Congress and knows how it operates and how to get things done. I hope that is immigration Bill gets the consideration and votes that it needs to succeed. The Democrats always leave a mess after they've been in office, this time they're continuing to create a mess that will take generations to undo.

    The president continues to do an outstanding job. Thanks Governor Huckabee for getting the truth out and also for your show which is great entertainment and information. I hope Sarah is doing well and enjoying her summer