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  • Michael Heath

    05/14/2020 08:48 AM

    Just because he has immunity Adam Schiff this means that he can lie try to rid of the president of the United states and not one thing can be done about it theres something very very wrong with the laws for people like him he should be in jail for the money he has cost the American people and to think hes going to try it again because of this virus that has corruption all over it is appalling he can keep doing this with no consequences whatsoever totally disgraceful and disgusting

  • william woods

    05/12/2020 12:50 PM

    Why aren't there charges being brought up on these people?

  • Lawrence P. Dale

    05/11/2020 10:46 PM

    Take them to court and jail. Until then the DOJ is useless.


    05/11/2020 04:12 PM

    these lying liberals have got to go,..I PREFER JAIL,..BUT THEY ARE GOING TO HELL..FOR THEIR EVIL THAT THEY HAVE DONE..<><

  • Phillip Joesph Kleinmann

    05/11/2020 01:14 PM

    Without any doubts whatsoever I seriously believe this nation is in dire need of a 2028 president of the name Trey Gowdy. If it's possible for me to do so I nominate Trey Gowdy for 2024 presidential candidacy right now: "Can I get my motions seconded by some good citizens in here and elsewhere?????


    05/09/2020 08:53 PM

    I call citizens arrest against all Media and Dem politicians who aided and abetted! Lock em up and throw away the key!

    Thank you!

    Judy Thatcher

  • Sharyon reichmuth

    05/09/2020 03:12 PM

    Love Trey Goudy, its seems unlawful that politicians cannot be held accountable for lying like schiff has done. Not to mention the rest of them. For many of this country has been swayed to believe. It's disgusting to those of us that followed
    God Bless Trump for not leaving us.

  • rickey white

    05/09/2020 03:05 PM

    I would say this. all that has been going on in DC since Mr. Trump has been the president is a embarrassment to our country. people are right when they say that most of the people in power doesn't have to abide by the laws they pass. but our constitution says different. all the corrupt FBI agents and politicians should have to go to jail, but first, they need to be charged and go to jail and bond out like everyone else. when a politician sets in congress and blatantly lies like (Adam shift) to congress and nothing can be done. that's BULL.one of theses days the American people will rise up and there well be another revolution because our Government is getting out of hand. R white

  • Joseph Mauceri

    05/09/2020 02:07 PM

    Yes they certainly did

  • Margaret B Sands

    05/09/2020 01:58 PM

    They belong in JAIL! You can’t trust that they will be voted out if office . They have voter fraud !!!!esp. in dem states!!!

  • Karrel Matthews

    05/09/2020 01:54 PM

    The Democrats own the media

  • Robert Hosid

    05/09/2020 01:34 PM

    Its time to put all these Democratic Criminals away for a few years & destroying the wealth & capital like they did to the General-

  • Lucille Bennett

    05/09/2020 01:25 PM

    This why the people do crimes because they get away with a crime and so, does our government, and they want to know why we don't trust the government for our safety and more. They could do want ever they want and nothing happens to them.