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  • Amelia Little

    01/19/2020 11:59 AM

    I guess nadler thinks that the house hearings don't count like a trial in the Senate--gee, at our hearings, we don't have to allow witnesses and questioning, but, by golly, the Senate does!!!

    As for documents being sat on--how many documents on other issues that have been subpoenaed have been sat on by democrats.

    For those who keep digging in the manure pile to find the pony--what don't they get that, if they couldn't find ANYTHING to hang their hats on for 3 years--get over, there really isn't any place else to dig, close this travesty down and get back to real work. Of course, with shiff--if nothing else, he can get up and spout of lies and try to make people think it's new and incriminating information. He'd be a good one to work for cnn or any other msm that uses fake news as their platform.