January 25, 2020

The third and blessed final day of the House Democrats’ impeachment case opener is finally over. Today, President Trump’s team will come in and start correcting all the out of context quotes, misstatements of fact, misrepresentations and outright lies that have filled the Senate for the past three days. I don’t envy them their job, which is on the level of having to hose down and scrub a frat house after a drunken toga party. I hope they remember to wear hazmat suits.

Friday was the day in which the Democrats were supposed to make the case that the President exerting his constitutional rights to executive privilege and court review of subpoenas is an impeachable offense known by the made-up name of “obstruction of Congress” (as many of us have pointed out, that’s better known as “separation of powers,” and it’s in the Constitution.)

While both articles of impeachment are groundless nonsense, this one is a baggie full of brain drool. It’s so utterly ludicrous on the very face of it that law Prof. Jonathan Turley (whom they misquoted the day before to make it seem as if he supports their attempted coup) suggested that the best way for them to limit the damage and get Republicans to agree to call witnesses would be to offer to drop it entirely as a bargaining chip.

Lawyers have a saying: If the facts are on your side, argue the facts; if the law is on your side, argue the law; if neither is on your side, pound the table. Being unable to make an actual case for article two, the Dems spent most of Friday pounding away like Keith Moon. (My favorite part was when they wailed in outrage over the horrific consequences of Trump allegedly delaying the vital military aid to Ukraine that about half the Democrat impeachment managers voted against sending them at all.)

Their over-the-top partisan ranting turned the Senate chamber into the intellectual and oratorical equivalent of a Maxine Waters rally with special guest Robert DeNiro. It was hour after hour of Trump Derangement Syndrome on parade, as they railed about how eeeeeevil Trump is, with Jerrold Nadler at one point even calling him a “dictator.”

If Trump is a dictator, then he must be as lousy at that as he is at being a racist and anti-Semite. Trump has put up with everything from a relentlessly negative news media to vicious mockery on late night “comedy shows” to bureaucrats and House Democrats openly trying to undermine him to rouge federal judges usurping presidential powers to thwart his policies. All he’s done in response is to appeal the judges' rulings while obeying them and send mean tweets. As some commentators pointed out, if Trump were actually a dictator, these people would be in unmarked graves, not all over our TV screens.

Not surprisingly, the nadir came courtesy of Adam Schiff, who actually quoted a CBS claim that a Trump ally told Republican Senators, "vote against the President and your head will be on a pike." I guess he thought Nadler hadn’t already angered and offended the jurors enough. That one actually elicited outraged cries of “That’s not true!” (Something you can yell at pretty much any point during an Adam Schiff speech.)

You know a speaker is bad when he actually provokes such notoriously reticent GOP moderates as Susan Collins to heckle him in the Senate. I bet I can guess whose oversized bobble head they wanted to see on a pike.

Since Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler got high-fives from the media for showing the Senate a clip of Lindsay Graham from the Clinton impeachment of the ‘90s suggesting that abuse of power without a high crime might still be impeachable, it's only fair to see what Nadler was saying during that same era. Oops! Turns out he said that some actual felonies might not even be impeachable offenses, because, after all, you’re talking about overturning the will of the people in a presidential election, “and we must not do so without an overwhelming consensus of the American people and of their representatives in Congress of the absolute necessity.”

Again, I won’t recount the entire day (it would be like making you sit through a Stephen Colbert marathon), but as always, the live blog crew at did an excellent job of summarizing the speeches while providing much-needed truthful notations and wickedly funny commentary.

NBC News caught the shrill, unhinged spirit and published an opinion piece by Noah Berlatsky that leaps from one wild conclusion to another, like a frog on a hot griddle. He starts with the false premise that Trump supporters voted for him because they’re racists and long for a time when America was run by white people. Then he declares that racist voting isn’t just immoral but illegal, therefore the government needs to address that illegal racist voting. Apparently, he’s suggesting that it be made illegal to vote for someone he doesn’t like.

So while claiming they are defending democracy against the fascist Donald Trump, the left wants to impose fascist government powers to make it illegal for Americans to vote for Donald Trump. They show their love of democracy the same way they show their love for “the children”: by killing them.


While Bernie Sanders was stuck in the Senate listening to the equivalent of a tape loop of Maxine Waters ravings, he was unable to attend his own campaign rally in Iowa. So in his stead, he sent two stand-ins who represent exactly what you associate with Iowa heartland values: Hollywood leftist propagandist Michael Moore and New York’s most fashionable socialist Congress member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Not since Professor Harold Hill in “The Music Man” have Iowans been visited by such charismatic con artists promising them a lot but actually knowing nothing other than how to bamboozle them out of all their money.

During her speech, AOC apparently forgot to even mention Bernie’s name, but she did promise to bring to Iowa and America the same kind of socialist policies that have caused employers to flee her New York district in droves. Moore did mention Bernie, declaring, “We have to crush Donald J. Trump with the truth and with a candidate who is the opposite of Donald J. Trump." So if you don’t like reduced government interference in your life, the booming economy and lots of good-paying jobs, vote for Bernie Sanders and get the exact opposite.

Bernie did manage to make an appearance via phone, where he declared, "We are going to win because we are developing an unprecedented multigenerational, multiracial, working-class movement which is prepared to take on the corporate elite and the entire One Percent and put together an administration that stands for justice. Economic justice, social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice." So for the record, socialists have a new con game: If there’s any field that you want to have the government take over completely, just stick the word “justice” after it.

“Yes, you got “justice,” my friends! Right here, I say, ‘Justice’ right here in River City! With a capital ‘J’ and that rhymes with your ‘pay,’ and that’s what we’ll take!...”

PS – Former President Barack Obama is reportedly so concerned that the Dems will nominate an unelectable socialist that he is thinking of speaking out against Bernie Sanders. Question is, will any of Bernie’s base listen to someone as far to the right of them as Barack Obama?


Just since Democrats have been on the latest leg of their “impeach Trump” frenzy, here’s a partial list of what Trump has done: achieved new trade deals with China, Canada and Mexico; presided over new record highs in the stock markets; killed the world’s leading terror strategist and forced Iran to back down; gave a groundbreaking speech defending the American system at the Davos economic conference, became the first President to address the March For Life; and unveiled the logo for the new US Space Force.

Lacking any achievements of their own, Trump’s critics resorted to mocking the logo for looking like the Federation insignia on “Star Trek,” something they would be celebrating as the coolest thing ever if it had been unveiled by Obama.

So let’s play “Spot the Loser”! Trump creates a United States Space Force. His critics stand around jeering at the logo. Who, in this scenario, is pathetic?

Under the circumstances, it should come as no surprise that even as he’s undergoing an “impeachment trial,” Trump is racking up his highest approval numbers ever, with Gallup finding that Americans’ satisfaction “with the way things are going” is at a 15-year high, about four times higher than the lowest points under Obama.

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