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  • donald edward jordan

    04/09/2020 03:04 PM

    I fear this is the case especially the media that has been in this state for many years now

  • Amelia Little

    04/09/2020 02:07 PM

    I think something should replace "Models" that are used for seemingly everything. Models are skewed by the "scientists" and whomever develop them, influenced by the desired results of the people who fund them, IMO. Just for example, the global warming models--they were so off the mark, but, no worries, we'll ignore that part and, since the warming didn't happen like we hoped, we'll just change it to climate change. And skew those numbers. Oh, and don't report how the US has the lowest CO2 level, and that the CO2 level not only higher, but increasing more in countries like China.

    Even Dr Fauce--ignoring what thousands of doctors are saying about the results of using hydroxychloroquine--I guess they, with THEIR medical degrees are so much chopped liver? It's pretty hypocritical for people (with politicians being the loudest) to demand an INSTANT way of testing, an INSTANT cure, and INSTANT vaccine. Oh, wait, that was TOO instant--in revealing a medication in use for 70+ years that is doing what has been demanded. Why, because it actually takes some time, some trial and error, to get testing, cure, vaccine. They know this, but will blame the President that it took as long as it did to get testing--although, of course, not ENOUGH tests, and now we learn what China so "kindly" shipped are defective. PLUS, they don't really want anything to interfere with their wishes to keep this crisis going for a long, long time in the hopes that socialist politicians can get in the White House and Congress (more than are already in Congress) to push us into socialism full force.

    As for the side effects of hydroxychloroquine--people just need to read the side effects of the medications they take, and on medications on the pharmacy shelf that they don't take--and to get the big picture, read the insert or the PDR to get the full possible side effects. I haven't read anything (even msm or fake news) where there are DOCUMENTED deaths attributed to hydroxychloroquine use for CLOVID 19. I really haven't read about the number of deaths with the use for lupus. If one is ill enough to die from CLOVID--but has the possibility of recovery with the use of hydroxychloroquine, one should get to choose, in consultation with the doctor. Dead is dead, no matter if the virus gets you or the side effect of the medication. Of course, anyone who DOES take the medication and at some time, even years later, dies of heart disease (even if it was present pre-CLOVID event) or other causes, I'm betting the CDC is going to be directing coroners to list use of the med as contributing or anecdotal causes.

    One does have to wonder about the shut-down of the country. There are cities, counties, states that just have the wash your hands, stay home if you are sick thing--while others have the stay-at-home (with some reports of people being arrested if it is determined by LE they aren't on an essential errand) and, the first group doesn't seem to be worse off than the other. It's amazing what businesses are deemed essential--and employees continue to go to work everyday. It does seem the smaller, local businesses are hit the hardest by the shutdown, even those like restaurants who now have delivery and curb service--that keeps a little money coming in, but nothing like the number of people who ate in.

  • Adeina Rey

    04/09/2020 02:03 PM

    Best show on TV. Never miss his show! Love Tucker. I also watch Hannity and Laura, but lately I think Tucker is the best!