June 2, 2020

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  • Roy E Martin

    06/03/2020 01:13 AM

    This is UNBELIEVEABLE and embarrassing. Need some head serious law enforcement. Unimaginable. A C T NOW

  • Nancy powers

    06/02/2020 07:50 PM

    This was brilliantly said. Thank you tucker. Americans better be prepared. Send in the troops now. These rioters must be stopped immediately.

  • Ann Hawkins

    06/02/2020 07:20 PM

    Tucker, this is your best so far. I always tune in and love your show.

  • Susanne Carpenter

    06/02/2020 04:58 PM

    Tucker went to far with his criticisms. I usually agree with him, but not with this!

  • mike Bloom

    06/02/2020 04:27 PM

    I'm getting more an more racist as this goes on this is not about George Floyd

  • Karen Busa

    06/02/2020 04:04 PM

    I was thrown by what Tucker said about Trumps son-in-law ! Is this true?