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  • Ron Kuivinen

    06/01/2020 06:35 PM

    NEVER LET A SERIOUS CRISIS GO TO WASTE: You can accomplish in a crisis things that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Rahm Emanual
    Nancy Pelosi’s Wrap Up Smear which is a common "diversionary tactic" You smear somebody with falsehoods, then you use the press to spread it and then you merchandise it. – Nancy Pelosi
    SMEAR WITH FALSHOODS: The Coronavirus or COVID-19 was declared to be a pandemic. It was built up to be the horrific scourge the likes of the Spanish Flu. This was the perfect vehicle for Nancy Pelosi to bring in the Democratic socialism. Democrat Governors took advantage of it and formed a dictatorship by locking down the states. They use distancing and masks as a constant reminder of the virus to frighten the people.
    SPREAD IT: USE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTY TO SPREAD IT: You can’t go anywhere, read, watch or listen to anything without having the Coronavirus pumped into our heads. We are being indoctrinated. The, so called, cure is worse than the virus.
    MERCHANDISE IT: You destroy the economy from the bottom up in cities, counties and states by having a lock-down. Now we have 40 million unemployed, the middle class and small business destroyed bringing down the ecomomy and the financial crisis.
    Now the leftist Congress writes bills to try to buy off those whose livelihood they’ve destroyed.