Steve Hilton: Pelosi stunts vs. Trump results

January 20, 2020 |

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  • Amelia Little

    01/20/2020 03:40 PM

    I remember the horrors!!! moment when the President promised sanctions on Mexico if they didn't cooperate with keeping illegals coming across the border. The biggest outcry seemed to be that OMG!!! The cost of avocados will skyrocket!!! No one would be able to buy them ever again!!! Which didn't really bother me--I don't eat them if they are free. However--wouldn't that have been a good thing for the US avocado growers? They could increase production and sales (unless the concern was about low-wage workers amongst illegals to work the orhards/fields.) But, Mexico agreed, sanctions were not assessed (which were only going to be done IF Mexico did not cooperate.) To hear the left--the President LIED!!! He didn't place sanctions on Mexico!!! Well, he wasn't going to IF they cooperated--and they cooperated!!! BTW, didn't ever hear a word of relief that there would still be affordable avocados available!!! lol They screamed that he was going to start WWIII with the reaction to the drone attack. They were sorely disappointed when he did not order retaliation, again accused him of backing down--let's not pay attention to WHY he did not. Then, OMG!!! WWIII AGAIN after soleimani was taken out. Again, no WWIII, but they were so disappointed they sided with the TERRORISTS, for pete's sake!!! I'm not sure why pelosi sat on the USMCA agreement, nor why she finally sent it over when she did. I'm sure she was thinking sending it over gave her some kind of leverage (didn't work, huh?)