May 27, 2020

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  • Peggy Owen

    05/30/2020 12:12 PM

    Media and their experts want you to stay home, wear mask, - so we can fill your head with garbage and FEAR with their moral judgment. It's about time we the people took our lives over again.

  • Maureen Innis

    05/27/2020 12:58 PM

    I have a sad story that reiterates what Tucker Carlson talks about. My daughter, who lives in Twin Falls, Idaho, was in the checkout line at Walmart. The checker started screaming at a Mexican family behind her, that their basket was too close to my daughter, and started gesturing to them violently that they needed to move back. He then said that they should go back to Mexico. He turned to my daughter and said, "You agree, right? You agree, right?" She told him that they looked confused, and perhaps didn't know what he expected of them. They thought he meant for them to get out of line, and they started to take their items off the conveyor belt. All the while, this man continued to scream at them. She said the same thing was happening in the garden center, with a woman screaming at people trying to use the exit there. I told her that I would have insisted on speaking to the manager, and ask if this was the way Walmart wanted to treat their customers. Looks like the haters are coming out of the woodwork all over this country. Truly a sad day for America.

  • Steve Adams

    05/27/2020 12:06 PM

    Please do not wish me a "Happy Memorial Day!" As a veteran, there is nothing happy about it. Too many brothers and sisters made the supreme sacrifice and should be remembered. It is those fallen warriors that we should remember every day for their sacrifice, and this is especially so on Memorial Day!