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  • becky slocum

    09/11/2019 07:53 AM

    Speaking on
    behalf of my fellow residents. WE DO NOT AGREE

  • Cheryl Nellett

    09/10/2019 03:56 PM

    This is getting really out of hand. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????

  • Doris A. Strickland

    09/10/2019 02:01 PM

    I live in Columbus County, North Carolina. Gov. Roy Cooper is the sorriest governor ever. He is so liberal. We do not need these illegals living in our state causing havoc and destruction. They should have been deported to their home country.

    We have got to elect Lt. Gov, Dan Forest as our Governor in 2020 so he can start repairinh the damages Cooper has imposed upon our great State. Vote Republican in 2020!!!

  • Beth Cloninger

    09/10/2019 01:04 PM

    This is all thanks to 2 liberal Democrats...Governor Roy Cooper and Mecklenburg County sheriff McFadden (Charlotte). They couldn't care less about the citizens of North Carolina. They're so busy pandering to the liberal Democrats that they won't see that what they are doing is so harmful. We're being betrayed by the very people who should be keeping us safe. I'm mad as hell and so are a lot of other North Carolinians!!