March 4, 2020

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  • Esther Harrel

    03/05/2020 07:08 PM

    She should be fired by FOX!!!!

  • Charlotte Bumgarner

    03/05/2020 04:12 PM

    My husband and I were shocked at what Donna Brazille said about Rhona McDaniel on national tv. As far as we are concerned, Fox News should ban her from their network. There is no excuse for anyone telling someone else to go to Hell on Fox News.

  • Linda Fournier

    03/05/2020 10:28 AM

    For someone who says she is a Christian woman to tell someone else to go somewhere is wrong in my opinion and not very Christian like. She let her anger get the better of herself

  • Pamela Berkeland

    03/04/2020 08:20 PM

    She lost all credibility when it was revealed that she gave Hillary debate questions before the debate. Her career should be over!

  • Maria Newell

    03/04/2020 02:55 PM

    Governor, why doesn’t Fox fire Donna Brazile?

  • Pam Bridges

    03/04/2020 02:49 PM

    I was appalled when I saw this display of hatefulness from a person that I don't feel like FOX should have hired her to begin with! I think she should be fired immediately! I watch FOX but have never seen this degree of hatred allowed by any other person.

  • Rose Darrah

    03/04/2020 02:42 PM

    I’m sick of all the Democrats not being held to the same line Republicans are. And I’m not even a Republican, but the bias is right in front of us! Dear God how are you all going to live when our President gets 4 more years? Stop this crap and level the playing field! Fire Donna’s ass for the way she spoke with such vile hate!

  • Barbara Woolcock

    03/04/2020 02:32 PM

    I think Donna should be stopped from using her street language on public TV.

  • Tavane Gerber

    03/04/2020 02:21 PM

    Ronna McDaniel considered the source (Donna Brazille) and gave a top tier response - Democrats should be and are afraid...

  • Brenda

    03/04/2020 02:17 PM


  • Linda Perchelli

    03/04/2020 02:17 PM

    Donna Brazil not only needs to be fired from Fox, she should be arrested for election tampering !

  • Diane Miele

    03/04/2020 02:10 PM

    I am happy to be a Trump supporter and I do support him financially and will vote for him. I can't understand the hate from the other sad...sick....