June 27, 2019

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  • Brenda Van Scoten

    07/01/2019 08:56 PM

    The Dems are DEMonic! Destroying our country????????????????

  • Tina McNeal

    06/30/2019 05:03 PM

    Democrats need voted out of office so they can get back into the real world and find out what the world is really like.

  • Deborah DuPree

    06/29/2019 12:52 PM

    Yes, "if you give them enough rope they will hang themselves"--in the debate their words said all the American people needed to know to make a good choice -vote Republican and avoid the madness!

  • Louis a Lombardo Jr

    06/29/2019 05:30 AM

    Their leftist communist

  • Janet Maxwell

    06/28/2019 04:42 PM

    They are insane. Definitely time for stràight jackets mental health exam

  • Karen Ringler

    06/28/2019 01:32 PM

    I am so worried for our country. Our young people honestly do not know what Socialism is. They are being fed by the left in our schools and Colleges. I try to educate anyone who will listen! But I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle.
    They are tearing down the real history of our country. How can you learn from mistakes that you aren’t taught about???
    Please Mike and Tucker keep up the fight! Our country is not recognizable today. My generation is on they way out! I fear for my kids and Grandchildren. I hear this and read it everyday. Please help bring God back to our country,
    Everyday I seem to read new disturbing things being said.
    Thank you for all that you do. I honestly don’t know how you take all stuff that is said about you. God Bless you both

  • Gene Kernan

    06/28/2019 09:45 AM

    What a missed opportunity! Tucker could have - should have - said "los hombres podrán abortar", just to drive the point home.

  • Michael

    06/28/2019 09:04 AM

    Democrats remind me of Fidel Castro
    and they want to turn our country into another CUBA!

  • Patricia Yarber

    06/28/2019 01:47 AM

    Nobody cares how you decide your reproductive life. You make the damned choice. Far as I'm co concerned, when you choose to spred your legs, you made that choice. Did you give that life within you a choice? Did you ask if it wanted you for a parent, or if it wanted to be conceived ?
    But that is between you and God. Where it becomes our right to have a say, is when you want us to pay for all your sexual needs, from all birth control, ( condoms, pills , shots, abortions, the whole nine yards.) You play, you pay!!!
    That's how that works. We are not paying for it. YOU WANT IT, YOU PAY.
    They should have a clause for rapes. But up to 12 weeks. And they must report the rape. It must be documented. So you wouldn't want to set on it. As far as incest, report the problem, to the other parent, because both parent's should be held accountable for a child's safety while still living at home, in which case the guilty parties pay retribution, as well as serving time for their crimes.
    This is not the debt of the people. So you make your choices, who really cares? Just remember , it's on your own dime, not the government spending the peoples money on it.

  • Vanessa Evans

    06/28/2019 01:30 AM

    They are all idiots!!Moderators and all!!