March 12, 2020

President Trump’s speech on the coronavirus contained three errors that later had to be corrected or clarified (one about the extent of the European travel ban I already wrote about.) At the link, Guy Benson outlines the rest, and rightly scolds the White House staff for allowing the President to give a speech that hadn’t been rigorously vetted.

They should know that not only are Americans looking to him for accurate information, and markets will wildly overreact to any misunderstandings, but also, sadly, his political opponents and the media (but I repeat myself) are on high alert for any excuse to harm Trump’s reelection chances by sowing distrust in the President, panicking the public and harming the economy. This isn’t a time for unforced errors.

On the other hand, as Benson explains, it’s also not time to panic, either. Read the whole thing and it will give you a much clearer picture of what we are facing and how best to deal with it, minus the cynical attempts at ginning up hysteria.

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In another win for the Trump Administration, the Supreme Court allowed its “Remain in Mexico” policy to continue pending further litigation. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco had ordered the policy lifted, and with one day remaining on the court’s temporary stay, asylum seekers were already massing at the border to come into the US. It's a dangerously patently absurd position for the court to take in the middle of a pandemic when the President is having to shut down travel from China and Europe (but apparently, according to federal judges, he has no power to block people from swarming in from Central America.)

This is not the last we’ve heard of this; it just allows Trump to continue the policy until the SCOTUS rules on it (or declines the case and allows the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling to stand.) But the fact that it comes amid the necessity for drastic action to protect the US from the coronavirus makes it abundantly clear why the Founders put power over such decisions into the hands of the elected President, not a bunch of partisan appointed lawyers in black robes who suffer from the delusion that they should write immigration policy.

It also illustrates yet again why the White House has to keep making so many “emergency” petitions to the SCOTUS. Justice Sotomayor might complain about that, but the problem is not with the White House, it’s with out-of-control lower court judges. The SCOTUS needs to issue some sort of unequivocal statement shutting down this kind of judicial meddling in the clear powers of the executive branch. For the SCOTUS to criticize Trump for bringing these cases to them so often is like complaining about how annoying it is that your neighbor keeps calling to tell you that your dog just killed another of his chickens.


Why is it that if we describe people who are obviously communists, socialists or anti-Semites as communists, socialists or anti-Semites, we are accused of being provocative or engaging in political name-calling? But as I often hear online, when people tell you what they are, you should believe them. For instance, Rep. Rashida Tlaib has not only told us what she is with her words and deeds, but now, she’s even advertising her desire to erase Israel from the map on her T-shirt.


Among the many silly, self-serving things being said about the coronavirus pandemic by the left is that if only we had socialized medicine, this would’ve been prevented/handled so much better. Yes, in places with socialized medicine, everything is so efficient, and care is so abundant and high quality, and there’s no such things as shortages, rationing or waiting lists for care! Also, they have special medicines that they get by milking unicorns.

Still hasn’t occurred to them that they’re accusing the government of moving too slowly and being unprepared and putting politics over health concerns, while simultaneously claiming it would have been so much better if the government were entirely in charge of all health care.

Sure, China has socialized medicine, and something like the coronavirus could never happen there!

At the link is a MUST-READ article by Andrea Widburg at American Thinker, detailing the truth about government-run health care and its shoddy record. There’s a quote from a post by blogger Reggie Hamm that ironically went viral, but click through and read all of that, too. It describes what happened to him and his family when they were visiting China and their adopted baby daughter needed hospital care. Brace yourself. After reading it, you will understand why the coronavirus started in China, why the mortality rate was so much higher there than in capitalist countries, and why you do NOT want either that type of government or that type of health care system here.

Although when you read about the disgusting and dangerous hygiene situation they encountered, it may give you the chills to think how much it reminds you of the conditions that already prevail in far-left US cities like San Francisco and L.A.


Here is today’s inexplicable Joe Biden quote. Note that this clip is only 22 seconds long, and Joe’s handlers were obviously trying to get him into a waiting car quickly, but they couldn’t even go that far without him saying something that makes no sense.


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After Biden leaves office, I expect them to replace him with JFK.

One of the many things for which President Trump was savaged by his critics was his insistence that the US was too dependent on China for necessities, including pharmaceuticals, and we needed to divest from China and diversify our suppliers and start making products like medicines in the USA again. Why, that xenophobic racist attacking our allies! Except, like many of the other things they attacked him for, he’s now looking incredibly prescient.

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