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  • Duane dutrow

    01/16/2020 10:29 PM

    A woman can't win the election I guess I'm sexist I don't care I'll never vote for a woman

  • Tom Cords

    01/16/2020 09:57 PM

    Sorry but all the Demrods on stage have no clue and a pathological liers, CNN is now. a communist dog and pony show, none of them have American's at their best interest and Trump will win in 2020, unless the Dems who owns the corrupt polling machines will be corrupted and yet they stand up and say Trump cheated well he doesn't owned them they do so just shows they didn't cheat enough and they all know their corruption will come out !!, Sorry but it's blatantly obvious they are scared and one last hypocritical point they all scream and talk about saving the planet yet not one of them can control all the volcanoes or anything else that's natural on the Earth but they insist that buy us paying all of them more taxes and employing people for a lost cause is the answer they are all delusional and every one of them needs to be removed from their offices every one of them has broken the law and it's time that the federal government stand up and go to the states that are allowing illegal immigrants and importing terrorist raiders from Islam to take over as the Obama plan was and is in full effect we must remove any of them who ever speak a word of Americans falling to their Sikh ideology in religion we will not stand for that we will fight the deplorables are ready locked and loaded so let the snowflakes bring it on it's time for a cleansing