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  • Cliff & Trudy Eckley

    02/15/2020 11:21 PM

    take the house!! Lets get this straightened out! Get on with a great live in a great America.. Stop these fools from destroying us who are not self-destructing.. Thank You in Christ Cliff & Trudy Eckley Montana

  • Kevin Roddy

    02/14/2020 09:42 PM

    I have never seen a President going through what he has. He vents on Twitter, that is no problem.

  • julie dixon

    02/14/2020 08:51 PM

    I am heartsick over this...he lied...he was caught...such an injustice..I am just pissed as I can be!!! Democrats could murder right in front of everyone and they would walk scott free... #kag2020