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  • Amelia Little

    12/22/2019 12:07 PM

    I see where the bern is now using pc language "undocumented immigrants" but when that term first raised its ugly head--there is a video of him ridiculing it. Of course, that was back when all the democrats were espousing border security, deporting illegals, legal immigration reforms, etc etc etc. You know, before they realized that's what Donald J. Trump espoused.

    And, I sure hope people who actually work and pay taxes will ALL recognize who will be paying for all this free stuff. In my life, there is a 30 y/o who just shrugs it off--even though she is already not happy about her above minimum wage job (just not $15) and all she can't afford. I tell her, even if she gets her free college, whatever improvements in income will be--will all be taken away through taxes to pay for all of this...and she might be worse off--certainly not better off. Now, the 29 year old, he is kind of sort of for free stuff---but he understands there will be stiff price to pay. She, especially is all bummed out about insurance. She had insurance through her employer (paying a bit of her own premium)--as did many others, except mostly fast food places--until obamacare started kicking in and, in order to get out of having to make insurance available--hours were cut to around 25/week. So, not only no insurance, about 1/2 the income. Trying to convince them who is responsible for this was like hitting my head against the wall.

    I suppose we can go back and see where education about economics, civics, etc started going down the tubes by the thinking (I guess you could call it that) of especially the younger people today.

    I hope Mr. Homan is right on--that the majority of Americans are seeing through this and will vote accordingly. There are 2 things that need to be considered--getting everyone out to vote--if they think it's all in the bag, some will just think everyone else will vote, they'll stay home. The other is for there to be eagle-eyes on voter fraud--especially illegals who now, in several states have valid drivers' licenses who can (oooopps!!!!) slip through the cracks at the polls, then, of course, those pesky dead people in states where they resist purging the registration, and people who vote any number of times.

  • julie dixon

    12/22/2019 11:31 AM

    how can this happen?...they are illegal, they can't vote..what am I missing?..ICE should be at the polls...seriously