February 21, 2020

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  • Sharon Sherrillsh

    02/22/2020 11:35 AM

    Common sense cosevative or socialist

  • Sandi Whitten

    02/22/2020 08:29 AM


  • Janice Turley

    02/21/2020 10:53 PM

    If democrats don't like you , Your either killed or you are did as they are doing to trump to try and get rid of him !!!

  • Andrew Tollefsen

    02/21/2020 09:39 PM

    Absolutely correct! Just the same as when they hacked into "Crookary" Clinton's campaign. Nobody except,us patriots, expected our President to win.SOOO they hacked into her campaign to have extra dirt to have on her to blackmail her once she got elected. The Russians only get aggressive under a weak President. Crimea and the Ukraine under that 'illegal,muslim" President Obama and Afghanistan under Jimmy Carter. They never want a strong President ,and we've got one in President Trump!

  • Jerry Harris

    02/21/2020 02:15 PM

    I say go after everyone who lied like everyone Trump named and include Clinton on the list plus ask the Judge a few questions and watch her lie. Lets get real the lies by those named by Trump were much worse.

  • marilyn wynn

    02/21/2020 12:46 PM

    This Jury Trial was another hit job because Stone knew the President. If this was fair, why did the other Liars and Leakers get off scot-free? How come the only ones that go to jail is anyone around the President. and just to touch on Russia, Guess who is closer to Russia? Bernie Sanders. and they blame the President.

  • Amelia Little

    02/21/2020 11:43 AM

    I am not up on all the ins and outs of the intelligence community (but I am CONDFIDENT Trey Gowdy is!!!) This morning I heard on the radio (my brief time in the car) that President Trump had replaced a person in the intelligence community--and their biggest WHINE (and it was a whine) was that the person selected has no experience in the intelligence community. My initial thought was--I think the President, like all those before him, gets the final say in who is serving in appointments. And, when Trey Gowdy mentioned some of the actions, assessments, etc of some in the intelligence community, I do think a change of personnel was certainly in order. Maybe someone whose "experience" doesn't include being taken in by the dossier and all the Russia, Russia, Russia sham, and ignoring all the clinton machinations. Anyway, the whiners were saying, OMG---the Russian meddling in the 2020 elections is now beginning!!!! I'm not sure exactly what they would be basing that crap on. Again, all the meddling in the 2016 elections did NOT come from then candidate Trump. And, I'd certainly think the Russians would be more inclined to meddle for bern and any of the other socialist candidates than meddle for President Trump. HE isn't going to further any socialist/communist agendas that the Russians are surely looking for.