September 26, 2019

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  • Marilyn Egli

    09/28/2019 08:42 PM

    The Democrats don’t want any questions asked that might reveal the truth.

  • Marilyn Allan

    09/28/2019 08:43 AM

    He is right! Dems are out to destroy us all! I feel like we are in WW3! If they win, it will cause more harm to this country than any previous war has!

  • Carlene Calmes

    09/28/2019 06:45 AM

    I am so proud of our president! I know God put him in office and I know he is being attacked by Satan himself. But God is not mocked whatsovever a man or woman (Polouise) sows that shall she reap!

  • James T Benton

    09/27/2019 06:01 PM

    When do we go on the offense? They are so corrupt but we’re not going after them. Let’s turn it to them! Drain that swamp!

  • Sheila Callaway

    09/27/2019 04:29 PM

    Finally we can breathe a sigh of relief. The deep state will be dismantled. And our President can begin to heal this country.

  • Mary Lyons

    09/27/2019 03:59 PM

    Hillary solicited and paid for fictious dirt on Trump..not a peep put of the Dems. The gave Russia Uranium in exhange for big speaking fees and donstions to Clinton Charity from Russia..not a peep...until Republicans got on it.

  • Mary Lyons

    09/27/2019 03:54 PM

    They never had one between all of them put together.

  • Trish Zechel

    09/27/2019 12:05 PM

    Why won't they impeach Pelosi? For her incompetence.

  • Sheila Pokraka

    09/27/2019 09:20 AM

    I totally agree

  • Helen Ferree Hooker

    09/26/2019 08:38 PM

    I am so sick of the damn Democrats sitting on their asses, doing nothing but looking for immoral ways to win the 2020 Presidential election.....leave our President alone, you are not going to see a socialist elected in 2020 so get out your crying towels now!!!!

  • Debbie Barnett

    09/26/2019 05:24 PM

    The Dems have gone crazy. Just more crazies. They are so angry ??. The president has every right to look for wrong doing by those representing the United States. Mr. President continue to do what's right. Drain the swamp.

  • Vanesa Houck

    09/26/2019 04:04 PM

    We need to get this country back like it ust to be. Take out the swamp. Get muslims out of our Government. Democrats have gone wacky. I would never vote a Demo.

  • Sherley Crutchfield

    09/26/2019 03:14 PM

    I was born in American citizen October 19, 2019 it will have been 84 years ago and I am astounded that this kind of stuff horrible horrible stuff is allowed to go on an all places in the government of this United States of America I’m dumbfounded by it that nobody seems to be able to do anything about it or maybe they don’t want to