December 9, 2019

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  • Robert Wegner

    12/13/2019 03:53 AM

    Trump will go down in history as the best President ever....

  • Linda Shue

    12/13/2019 12:14 AM

    You are absolutely correct and aren’t afraid to take on all the lying members of Congress. Nancy Pelosi would like to think she is more powerful than the President. She is despicable!

  • jeri Christensen

    12/12/2019 10:27 PM


  • Camillo Bellorofonte

    12/11/2019 09:46 PM

    I respect the judge, she always speaks the truth,I hope this political nightmare will be over and soon!

  • Doris Rudolph

    12/11/2019 06:17 PM

    Thank you DEMOCRATS you have just gave President Trump 4 more years.

  • Tommy Lynn Adams

    12/10/2019 06:51 PM

    Totally Awesome!!!

  • Kathy Hill

    12/10/2019 06:13 PM

    Preach on sister! You KNOW your stuff. I am so thankful that the American people have you to spell it out just like it is to us. This only fortifies the Democrats' inability to represent, we the people, because we the people, at least those that are not full of hate and ignorance, love our President Trump. He is the ONLY president that has EVER had enough gumption and balls to stand up for this country! More power to him! TRUMP 2020!!!! ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Leland Grieves

    12/10/2019 01:06 PM

    I surely hope more people are watching your videos. You are fantastic and knocking on all the right things. Thanks for helping us Americans who cannot voice our opinions to such a vast amount of people

  • Celia Garza

    12/10/2019 12:40 PM

    Thank you I could not have said it better myself.
    I use to be Dem
    glad I opened my eyes. Trump 2020

  • Dianna Wascher Bucy

    12/10/2019 07:58 AM

    Well said Judge Jennie we need more peaple like you

  • Carol Rosati

    12/10/2019 07:50 AM

    Thank you for you eagerness to stand up for our rights as Americans. I respect your stand, and will continue to support our President, and we are praying him through 2020. and God bless America.

  • Richard Corraro

    12/09/2019 09:06 PM

    Judge Jeanine is the best, she gets right to the point, no hassle, no fringe, just the facts! The Judge is absolutely right, exposing the corruption from the DEMS. Keep up the great work Judge Jeanine, our c country needs you!

  • Terry Mead

    12/09/2019 08:30 PM


  • Paul stsmbauhh

    12/09/2019 05:35 PM

    Fantastic hope everybody heard that good job

  • Patricia traxler

    12/09/2019 05:02 PM

    Dear Judge Jennie I respect you so much and I so agree with every word you have said and I think you are Awesome

  • Louise Noll

    12/09/2019 02:59 PM

    Go Judge...I saw this on FOX a few nights ago, and i was thrilled. I hope you sent Nancy and Schiff a copy.

  • Sherry Westover

    12/09/2019 02:47 PM

    I have never heard anyone tell the truth like you do Judge!!! You are a very intelligent woman and speak your mind. You tell things like they are!!! Go get em and give em HELL!!!