December 5, 2019

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  • Vicki Lewis

    12/09/2019 06:17 AM

    He the best President we have had in long time
    Yes we check on other people in office or going to office for them getting paid money from other countries

  • Thomas Johnson

    12/08/2019 09:25 PM

    When watching the impeachment dossier production movie, hearing the three legal experts misconstrued the constitution, I made up my mind not to send any of my children to a law school until Mr. Turley spoke. What a breath of fresh air that freshened the room. There’s still hope. Thank God for President Trump’s obedient to leading “the nation’s soul saving mission’. Go Trump, make black America wealthy!

  • Jane Pepin

    12/07/2019 12:31 PM

    Wow....he nails it ! Will they really hear what he is saying? Walking on a thin thread to ruin a nation because of anger? It’s in your hands Congress to decide.

  • Noel Domingo

    12/06/2019 08:49 PM

    Instead of destroying our duly elected President, why don't you try praying for and working with him. I believe that President Donald Trump, together with his supporters, is the only one working for the best interest of America and its constituents.


    12/06/2019 08:14 PM


  • Dennis c tarry

    12/06/2019 02:42 PM

    The Democrats needs to leave president Donald Trump alone and let him do his job

  • Gloria Stapp

    12/06/2019 12:43 PM

    So happy to hear an honest person speak.

  • Chip Lomas

    12/06/2019 12:07 PM

    Bias Kangaroo court!!!
    Do the people’s work! fix the countries problems this is political nonsense

  • Terry Woods

    12/06/2019 10:35 AM

    This should be the next president of these United States! If you can't understand what he is saying your part of the problem!!!!

  • Jeri Kirby

    12/06/2019 10:17 AM

    I just knew this man was going to follow suit and dog on our President, low and behold we actually have someone that does their job correctly and without putting politics first. I appluad this man for being upfront and honest. He did his job well and I would like to say Thank You Mr. Turley for being a great teacher.

  • Luanne rhodes

    12/05/2019 10:52 PM

    Thank you for a Bi-partisans explanation of this craziness

  • Vicky Zelenka

    12/05/2019 10:01 PM

    The Dems would eat broken glass before they would halt this circus. This speaker was brilliant but Schiff and Pelosi are just too stupid to listen.

  • Tom Noland

    12/05/2019 07:13 PM

    This man hit the nail on the head. Sad thing is the liberal Democrats really don't care what he says or what the American people, their Republican counterparts or President Trump has to say. Their main focus is to destroy the Constitution and bring the United States to it's knees with their greed and corruption.

  • Jo Anne Foster

    12/05/2019 06:04 PM

    This whole thing Stinks. All because Killary did not win. I think all the Dems on the Hill should be fired as they have not done what they were elected to do for 3 going on four years now. They have not decided to protect Americans, They have decided to Protect Illegals, trying to Take Americans down the tube to Socialism. I think "we the people", should buy all the Dem's In Washington D.C. a ticket to Venezuela, And leave them there so they can have their "wanted" socialism. Impeachment Heck NO,,, no crime was committed and President Trump has done a wonderful job for America and her citizens. We need to let him rid WASHINGTON D.C. OF THE VERMAN, Let him build out Southern Wall and oust, those who stand for foreign illegals over Americans.

  • Maxine Carlma Brewer

    12/05/2019 05:15 PM

    Do I have a comment!! How dare the Democrats to THINK the American people are so stupid that we NEED a lesson on the Constitution by Professors which are ALL BIASED against our duly elected (by the Constitution) President!!! My brother was a very distinguished Professor, was I supposed to be impressed by hateful, mean, stubborn, loud teachers??? I was NOT!!! I was more angry with the rehearsed questions and answers of the BORING same old same old of the Democrats still trying to MAKE it look like they had a crime and it’s ok to continue!! There was NO CRIME.... there was a phone call.. God help us all when Our President can’t make a phone call to a foreign Leader/President without a tattle tale with 3-4-5 hand information running to the Democrats and the IG changing the first hand information to hear say on a Whistleblower report... God Protect the next person that over hears something!!!
    Congress is OUT OF CONTROLL I tried to contact my Senator in September about who over see’s Congress when they abuse their power?? We are a Country of LAWS.... not of hear say, not of wait a minute let’s see if we can make this a crime!!! NO, this is abuse of Power of Congress!!!!! This cannot stand, they Schiff, Pelosi and Nader SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!

  • Kenney Hayes

    12/05/2019 04:40 PM

    Finally, someone who has a respect for the law and the constitution of the United States.

  • Patricia Lacy

    12/05/2019 04:32 PM

    Good for him!!!! Anger that the American people voted AGAINST what the few in the corrupt government is NOT grounds for impeachment!!!!

  • Suzanne Baxter

    12/05/2019 04:22 PM

    Dr. Turkey’s comments were correct. He was considerate and respectful. I pray the committee heard him, but I doubt it. Their rage is out of control. They are conscious-less.

  • Loretha Baker

    12/05/2019 04:11 PM

    The “leaders” of the Democratic Party have lost the reasons they were elected. They are too full of anger and hatred over their loss in the last election. Term limits has go to start for all offices of our government. They have been there in power far too long, believing they are royalty. They are not.

  • Isabella Beggs

    12/05/2019 03:41 PM

    Prof. Turley was the voice of reason in the midst of hate and insanity.

  • Charla smith

    12/05/2019 03:35 PM

    I love the fact that this Law Professor, basically was telling the Democrats on the panel, that what they are doing & have been trying to do since Trump got into office, is nothing but a pile of shit!! It's all bogus, NOT ANY REAL TRUTH OF ANY KIND, FOR PROVIDING ANY ACTUAL IMPEACHMENT DECISIONS!!

  • Pat Cox

    12/05/2019 03:25 PM

    Do not impeach President Trump!

  • David Teel

    12/05/2019 02:54 PM

    Suffered 8 years of obama and remember when we acted this way? Me either!

  • Carl L. Noble

    12/05/2019 02:15 PM

    Excellent post - thanks - and also thank you Mike for all your leadership in the past - perhaps you can lead again in the future?

  • Lyn Dilbeck

    12/05/2019 01:04 PM

    I agree with Prof. Turkey, This whole impeachment process all becuse the dems are pissed because they lost the chance to pour their liberal agenda plans. The American people are sick of it ..that's why I voted for a man that wasn't a poisoned politician!!!! And hes doing a great job ..I'm for Trump in 2020 and I will not vote for Any Democrat!!!!!!!!