July 25, 2019

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  • Rbert L. Homan

    07/28/2019 12:13 PM

    How was this allowed to proceed as we all know Mueller did not write this report that is nothing more than charges that are not verified

  • Sandra Bertsch

    07/27/2019 04:17 PM

    I was very disappointed in Robert Mueller and his lack of knowledge regarding the Russia Collusion. There is not a conclusion and the TAX PAYERS IN America are footing the Bill for the Democratic Elite. R. Mueller was a Front for Hillary Clinton and all of the phony liars that couldn’t prove any wrong doing by the POTUS.

  • Gary Luboyeski

    07/27/2019 11:30 AM

    This is the end of this made up scandal bythe Democrats, ets investigate where this all began.

  • Rose M Kincaid

    07/26/2019 11:56 AM

    jerry nadler is NOT smart enough to add 2 plus 2 and get 4 as his recent past clown disguise has proven. andrew weissmann and his assembled dem clown attorneys are the writers of the mueller report.

  • Todd Belanger

    07/26/2019 09:41 AM

    Jerry Nadler Andrew Weisman were the authors of the report. That one's easy.