September 26, 2019

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  • Laura Satterfield

    09/27/2019 07:52 AM

    I am not a lawyer or a Congressman (like these guys), but I did find a treaty online between the Ukraine and the US to mutually investigate criminal activities.
    Point: If this citizen can discover the obvious media manipulation and total lack of leadership, every thinking citizen can. The Democrats are sabbotaging themselves and creating a propaganda machine the likes of which the world has not seen before.

  • Joyce Velehradsky

    09/26/2019 01:17 PM

    Joe Biden was a Senator when the Treaty Between the United States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters was written, and the President who signed this treaty with Ukraine was none other than William Jefferson Clinton 1999.
    Noted on Facebook: Joe for America by Terrance Donovan

  • Vicki Powell

    09/26/2019 12:35 PM

    EXCELLENT points Laura! Really enjoyed it!