November 29, 2019

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  • Amelia Little

    11/29/2019 06:07 PM

    I just hope that by Nov 2020 that all Americans are "woke" (those who watch msm need to change where they get their news) and understand exactly who is it that has been behind all the progress to Make America Great Again--and be sure to not only re-elect him, but to vote out rabid Democrats and RINO's. Seems msm is insisting NOTHING has improved--but IF there has been any improvement it is because of all the groundwork obama laid!!! I wonder how many saw the newsweek garbage about what the President was doing on Thanksgiving Day, and have not yet seen what he really was doing. I don't suppose newsweek will make any correction, or apology, unless it's a wee small comment hidden somewhere in maybe the list of editors or such--where no one is going to look. I only caught a snippet, but someone (Stephanie Grisham?) was explaining all the planning that went on in preparation for this trip. I suppose there are those (in the press corps?) who complained that they weren't told about this trip? Perhaps they also think they should have his minute-by-minute schedule that would indicate even planned bathroom breaks? And, heaven forbid he might need to make an unscheduled break!!!

    Nice to see Sarah Sanders again. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the pecan pies she made!!!