June 8, 2020

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  • Brian Lawrence

    06/08/2020 12:58 PM

    She should be fired for encouraging the federal city of DC to become a center for rebellion.
    All lives matter and these violent demonstrations have killed more black Americans.
    The President has the power to fire her. Who decided to paint graffiti on the streets?

  • Janet G Meadows

    06/08/2020 12:55 PM

    Disrespectful personal remarks to put down the President. you aren't fooling anybody. Hiding behind " defending " the country. If that sounds bothersome You are the one who said it. Was there a vote on all this painting on streets that do not belong to YOU. Is this dictatorship. A scared man, afraid !! Rediculous. DEFENCE OF OUR CITY. and you resort to name calling. I thought you were more mature than that. It was not a threat. There was nothing to do about having to defend against federal forces. You are grossly misleading Amercia. So don't claim you are defending America. Alot of accusations lady. Why don't you pour gas on the fire with your imaginations. For Gods sake. Whatever troops coming in were for protection and you know it. How do you sleep at night. Safe neighborhoods you say, is exactly what the President had on his mind. Don't let your own personal emotional deficit turn into blaming the Presdient for protecting where he lives too. So immature.