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Tony's cover-up

Congratulations Greg!



Yes, ANOTHER government-paid “disinformation” company

Fox News keeps on winning

Media Bias Archives

June 2024

Date Title
6/20/24 Tony's cover-up
6/19/24 THE NEW YORK TIMES thinks it understands Trump voters

May 2024

Date Title
5/6/24 Trump interview throws haters into a hair-on-fire hysteria

April 2024

Date Title
4/13/24 Real journalist Catherine Herridge testifies before Congress
4/11/24 Mainstream Media begins to admit some things we have all known
4/8/24 Congratulations Greg!

March 2024

Date Title
3/21/24 "Immigrants"
3/14/24 Can’t believe it: CNN’s Jake Tapper actually challenges Adam Schiff

February 2024

Date Title
2/27/24 Real journalism update: Steve Baker to be indicted; files returned to Catherine Herridge
2/10/24 Tucker interviews Putin
2/8/24 Censor Tucker?!?

January 2024

Date Title
1/17/24 The Media Reacts
1/4/24 The facts keep refusing to comply with liberal media narratives

November 2023

Date Title
11/30/23 Headed into Election Year ‘24, it’s all about message control by the left
11/22/23 Elon Musk sues Media Matters

September 2023

Date Title
9/1/23 GIGO

August 2023

Date Title
8/10/23 Why nobody believes the New York Times anymore

June 2023

Date Title
6/8/23 Mike Huckabee: CNN wants to be 'an agency of disinformation'

March 2023

Date Title
3/22/23 Chaos in the White House press room
3/14/23 Yes, ANOTHER government-paid “disinformation” company
3/11/23 Fox News keeps on winning

January 2023

Date Title
1/20/23 Rough week for CNN
1/7/23 Paul Ehrlich: The guy on the street corner who yells while wearing a dead squirrel for a hat

December 2022

Date Title
12/21/22 Favorite Story of the Day
12/16/22 Elon Musk suspends the accounts of reporters he says doxxed him

November 2022

Date Title
11/22/22 Revealing "laptop" book by repair shop owner hits today
11/2/22 Eight major stories of recent years that the media got totally wrong

October 2022

Date Title
10/17/22 Self-Revealing Democrats
10/4/22 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is second-guessed by a biased media

September 2022

Date Title
9/26/22 Update on the fight to redefine the word "heartbeat"
9/14/22 Turmoil at the New York Times

July 2022

Date Title
7/15/22 The Ray Epps NEW YORK TIMES story; a follow-up
7/9/22 The NYT smears Rep. Mayra Flores

June 2022

Date Title
6/23/22 Declining trust in media has nothing to do with "Trump's lies"
6/13/22 Gannett wakes up

May 2022

Date Title
5/5/22 Hunter laptop whistleblower suing Adam Schiff, major media
5/5/22 Journalists NEED Curiosity and Healthy Cynicism | Centerpoint on TBN

April 2022

Date Title
4/20/22 Libs of TikTok

March 2022

Date Title
3/21/22 WAPO admits truth: January 6 is all about the midterms
3/18/22 Hunter's laptop: media guilty of election interference
3/9/22 NYT reporter caught admitting: the left distorted Jan. 6
3/8/22 The Flaws in “Fact-Checking”

February 2022

Date Title
2/21/22 Lesley Stahl needs to apologize. Think she EVER will?

January 2022

Date Title
1/26/22 A Perfect Example of Media Bias
1/10/22 Fact-checking the "fact-checker" who fact-checked Senator Tom Cotton (say that three times fast)

December 2021

Date Title
12/18/21 Americans agree: the media is biased
12/8/21 CNN & A Smollett trial update
12/6/21 Chris Cuomo is fired

November 2021

Date Title
11/30/21 Why are the liberal media downplaying this story?
11/23/21 Beware: "The Invasion Of The Fact-Checkers"
11/22/21 I Told You So Daily
11/22/21 The Rittenhouse Reaction
11/22/21 Defamation Watch
11/22/21 14 Stories Edited
11/17/21 Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Update
11/11/21 A look at one of the groups behind the push to destroy free speech

October 2021

Date Title
10/15/21 Katie Couric goes there
10/15/21 Propaganda

September 2021

Date Title
9/30/21 Are COVID vaccine mandates really popular like the Democrats say they are?
9/20/21 Are the media barricades crumbling?
9/18/21 Democrats, the media and spending
9/9/21 The Democrat Protection Industry
9/9/21 A thought-provoking article about media bias
9/3/21 Zero Time
9/2/21 It will be hard for the MSM to defend Biden over this...

July 2021

Date Title
7/30/21 Reliable News Sources
7/27/21 Reminder
7/22/21 Jeff Bezos Makes News...Twice
7/19/21 How are the left-wing media controlling the news?
7/6/21 A disconnected media is trying to sell us a bill of goods

June 2021

Date Title
6/29/21 "Worse Than Trump"
6/23/21 "WINNING!!" against CRT: Chris Rufo wakes up parents
6/22/21 CNN Under Fire For Misleading Headline
6/22/21 Leftwing Twitter
6/22/21 Election Integrity Laws Receive Biased Media Coverage
6/18/21 The Veneer Is Gone
6/17/21 Jon Stewart Stuns Late Show Host With Brutal, Hilarious Rant
6/12/21 Bias: These Two Important Stories Have Largely Been Ignored By The Media
6/11/21 Outrageous IRS Leak
6/11/21 Well-Deserved Blowback
6/11/21 Biased Media Ignores Latest Hunter Biden Laptop Revelations
6/9/21 Twitter And CNN Are Not Real Life

May 2021

Date Title
5/28/21 A level of stupidity that deserves recognition
5/25/21 60 Minutes least for a few minutes
5/25/21 Politifact corrects itself
5/25/21 New Project Veritas Expose
5/25/21 The NYT notices
5/22/21 Silicon Valley Tyrants Prove That They Are
5/21/21 Jon Stewart killed comedy
5/21/21 Latest evidence that conservatives have a firmer grasp of facts
5/20/21 A Fair Question from the NY Post for the AP
5/17/21 Media fantasize about Trump indictment, extradition
5/7/21 Putting the Quotation Marks Around The Term “Fact-Checkers”

April 2021

Date Title
4/29/21 Two Major About-Faces
4/23/21 Note To Media: Hold Biden Accountable
4/23/21 The Left Is Wildly Misinformed
4/20/21 New Study Compares Coverage Of Biden And Trump
4/19/21 In An Effort To Take Down Trump, Media Spread False Russian Bounty Story