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June 2019

Date Title
6/12/19 Media spinning the positive into a negative
6/6/19 The threat of "fake news"

May 2019

Date Title
5/30/19 A Twitter alternative
5/5/19 List of 29 news sites proves to be unreliable

April 2019

Date Title
4/30/19 Bigots at the NYT and elsewhere
4/30/19 President Trump ignores the DC "nerd prom"
4/19/19 Sarah's story
4/10/19 Google bias
4/10/19 Washington Post petitions judge to dismiss Covington student lawsuit
4/2/19 Taking the media to task

March 2019

Date Title
3/18/19 Media sensationalism is to blame, not Trump
3/5/19 Laura Ainsworth: Brandon Straka of #WalkAway in a MUST-SEE interview
3/1/19 More NYT Fake News

January 2019

Date Title
1/28/19 Melania Trump wins an apology
1/25/19 NBC keeps digging
1/22/19 What the media still don't understand about Trump voters
1/21/19 Lessons to be learned by the media
1/15/19 That New York Times FBI story is like an ink-blot test
1/11/19 Media bias on full display
1/2/19 Bulletin from the “Dog Bites Man” News File

December 2018

Date Title
12/20/18 Ainsworth: VOGUE trashes Christmas portrait of First Couple
12/3/18 Media uses Bush passing to bash Trump

November 2018

Date Title
11/30/18 Silicon Valley bias

October 2018

Date Title
10/30/18 The conundrum of the Internet
10/19/18 How to respond to media bias
10/2/18 No Google, you aren't biased

September 2018

Date Title
9/25/18 When the media need a scandal...
9/24/18 Gallup: Republican Party favorability rising
9/20/18 "Fake News" round-up
9/14/18 #WalkAway Movement stands up to radicalized Left
9/14/18 Google execs caught on tape horrified over Trump's win, but they aren't biased
9/12/18 Stop politicizing 9/11
9/10/18 Media bias, not Trump, shatters public's trust
9/5/18 The new Woodward book

August 2018

Date Title
8/30/18 Banning In-N-Out?!?
8/30/18 Stop the Bias
8/20/18 White House counsel testifies "fulsomely," as Trump did nothing wrong
8/19/18 Pointing a gun at Grandma
8/19/18 Media petitions Judge in Manafort case to unseal jurors names
8/13/18 Anti-Trump media put on notice: stop lying about "perjury traps"
8/13/18 Omarosa's new book
8/10/18 Media bias exposed in New Mexico story
8/7/18 Censorship Online: The Removal of Alex Jones' InfoWars
8/6/18 Double standards on social media
8/6/18 More clues surface as FBI still hides the start of Trump investigation
8/3/18 NY Times condones racism

July 2018

Date Title
7/31/18 A long list of threats and violence
7/30/18 Judge praises Trump administration, busts liberal narrative
7/28/18 Hysterical news coverage
7/26/18 Facebook suffers consumer backlash
7/23/18 Watch: The Media Loses Their Mind
7/3/18 Fox News: NBC News star Andrea Mitchell slammed for citing wrong law when attempting to bash White House

June 2018

Date Title
6/29/18 Maryland tragedy
6/24/18 Time Magazine's cover mistake
6/19/18 DHS Secretary's fight in the lion's den draws a response
6/13/18 Liberal Media Spins the Summit Part II
6/5/18 Melania Trump returns to public eye

May 2018

Date Title
5/31/18 Ms. Reid's Act II
5/19/18 Tragic Friday
5/18/18 The NY Times steps in it...
5/17/18 Narrative-busting in the Middle East
5/15/18 CNN's breaking wind
5/12/18 MSNBC's Nicole Wallace talks about wringing Sarah Sanders' neck
5/6/18 Critics and CNN defenders attack me
5/6/18 NBC walks back report that feds wiretapped Cohen's calls
5/4/18 As the media go insane, cooler heads prevail
5/3/18 Anti-Trump media outlets make a federal case out of Rudy comments
5/2/18 Kudos to the Hill newspaper
5/1/18 What the media gets wrong about the WHCD

April 2018

Date Title
4/30/18 My reaction to the WHCD
4/26/18 About that fake news
4/23/18 The media should listen to all of the victims
4/10/18 The new censorship at Facebook
4/5/18 Dan Rather attacks bad journalism...

March 2018

Date Title
3/29/18 "Roseanne" returns
3/28/18 Author admits to using unverified rumors as basis of book
3/27/18 Media bias on display
3/21/18 What the media won't tell you about the Maryland school shooting
3/5/18 Northwestern university researcher shatters narrative
3/2/18 YouTube admits to mistakes
3/2/18 Media hides guys like this from view

February 2018

Date Title
2/23/18 Florida bombshell: Armed deputy cowered outside school during shooting
2/16/18 Sharyl Attkisson and the real story of "fake news"
2/8/18 President Trump's critics get it wrong

January 2018

Date Title
1/26/18 The Cuckoo clock
1/23/18 About that Sessions, FBI resignation story...
1/17/18 Before Trump became a Republican/racist/Hitler
1/17/18 Fox News host points out obvious recurring narrative

December 2017

Date Title
12/21/17 Fantasy worlds
12/12/17 Calling out CNN
12/12/17 Investigate the Times for willful pollution
12/9/17 CNN spreads fake news again
12/6/17 Premature fits of glee
12/4/17 ABC reporter suspended - My take
12/1/17 The New York Times: now a lobbyist group

November 2017

Date Title
11/30/17 "Let's rethink sex" by Christine Emba
11/27/17 Latest examples of media bias
11/20/17 FBI stats detailing hate crimes destroy this myth
11/17/17 NY Times calls on Facebook to censor pro-life groups
11/14/17 Trump Derangement Syndrome Part II