July 2024

Date Title
7/13/24 Pray for President Trump
7/12/24 Have you heard of GARM?
7/12/24 Biden NATO presser: Just how low IS the bar for our President??
7/11/24 Fascinating: media, colleagues, donors react to having a losing candidate
7/11/24 Trump challenges Joe Biden to a round of golf for the charity of his choice
7/11/24 A Shocking Report on the campaign to silence Free Speech
7/11/24 Republican Governor in Idaho takes step to “protect election integrity, voter confidence and the sanctity of voting”
7/10/24 They’re getting closer to taking Biden off the ticket. THEN what??
7/10/24 Another welcome court victory
7/10/24 RIP Joe Bonsall
7/10/24 RIP Senator Inhofe
7/10/24 Interesting moments
7/9/24 My thoughts on the new GOP platform
7/9/24 Good news for 2024: new technology takes a big swipe at election fraud
7/9/24 Godwin's Law at Work
7/9/24 The Overseas Elections
7/8/24 Did anything happen while we were gone?!?
7/8/24 Biden’s condition: a government that would tell a lie THIS monstrous would tell us anything
7/3/24 “Well, now that Depends…” President Biden’s Delicate Condition

June 2024

Date Title
6/28/24 The First Presidential Debate
6/28/24 Inextricable Linkages
6/28/24 Surprised at how the debate went? Obama wasn’t!
6/27/24 General Clapper’s Extraordinary Capers
6/27/24 Losing Support
6/27/24 Surprise! The DNC funded law firms conducting anti-Trump “lawfare”
6/27/24 Primary Day Recap
6/24/24 Very Fine People
6/24/24 Bloomberg donates $20 million to reelect Joe Biden
6/24/24 Once and for all, is Jack Smith a legitimate special counsel?
6/20/24 Majority of Biden voters aren’t voting for Biden, they are voting against Trump
6/20/24 Tony's cover-up
6/20/24 “Oh, Sure, Trump Can Get A Fair Trial In New York!”
6/20/24 Raked over the coals
6/19/24 Did Hunter get a pass when SEC was investigating bond scheme?
6/19/24 THE NEW YORK TIMES thinks it understands Trump voters
6/19/24 A new poll says a lot
6/19/24 More examples of why DC “Justice” is too corrupt to police itself
6/19/24 Have you noticed? This tactic from the Left is no longer working
6/18/24 Plan for action after AG Garland’s contempt of Congress
6/18/24 Sanity is returning
6/18/24 Plan for action after AG Garland’s contempt of Congress
6/17/24 The Trump Interview
6/17/24 THIS IS FAR FROM OVER: Arkansas State Police probe of ATF Malinowski killing is closed, use of force “legal and justified”
6/13/24 AG Garland found in contempt of Congress; can the House do more?
6/13/24 Pelosi on video taking “responsibility” for lack of security on J6: a follow-up
6/12/24 Aftermath of the Hunter guilty verdict: it’s the spin we all knew was coming
6/11/24 An odd conglomeration of J6 stories, with Pelosi...admitting guilt?
6/11/24 Hunter doesn’t take the stand; defense hopes jury won’t enforce law
6/10/24 A Tale of Two Trials: Donald Trump’s and Hunter Biden’s
6/6/24 Massie questions AG Garland: “Is Jack Smith’s appointment even constitutional?”
6/6/24 D-Day: 80 years
6/6/24 Hunter on trial for gun charges, Day 3
6/4/24 Biden plans to get tough on the border today
6/4/24 Violating the FACE Act
6/4/24 Jury selection complete in Hunter Biden gun case; opening statements today
6/4/24 Fauci questioned
6/4/24 Lean Back And Pass The Popcorn:
6/1/24 Trump Guilty (And Lesser Fictions)

May 2024

Date Title
5/31/24 Very Good News From Israel:
5/31/24 The Alito Flag Kerfuffle
5/31/24 Major win for Free Speech
5/28/24 Waking up to the dangers of the flood of unvetted illegal immigrants
5/28/24 New Poll
5/28/24 Closing statements Tuesday in Merchan’s Manhattan courtroom
5/27/24 Memorial Day
5/27/24 The Meaning of Memorial Day
5/25/24 Happy Anniversary
5/25/24 Secret Service, CIA mysteriously involved in Hunter Biden case
5/24/24 Michael Flynn’s new, very personal documentary about being targeted by the Deep State
5/22/24 Be honest: at this trial, Michael Cohen is a human dumpster fire, and so is Judge Merchan
5/21/24 Harvard: Lessons Learned Or Only Identified?
5/20/24 Trump trial just getting interesting: let’s hope defense calls Bob Costello
5/20/24 Here’s how well appeasing pro-Hamas communist radicals works:
5/20/24 Biden’s Betrayal
5/20/24 Disappointing Court Rulings:
5/20/24 Best News You’ll Read Today:
5/20/24 The Democrat convention
5/20/24 The Pro-Quackery Party
5/18/24 Alice Stewart RIP
5/16/24 WPATH
5/16/24 Democrat ideas
5/16/24 Give thanks to some of the snowflake jihadi of the Infant-ada
5/16/24 Cohen for the prosecution: His second cringeworthy day on the stand
5/16/24 Primary Results
5/16/24 Debate Update
5/10/24 Happy Mother's Day
5/8/24 Will sanity prevail in Georgia?
5/8/24 Judge Aileen Cannon postpones Trump documents trial indefinitely
5/7/24 It’s so clear: Lawfare IS how the Democrats plan to beat Trump
5/7/24 Politico: Protests are being funded by the BIGGEST Democrat Donors
5/7/24 No consequences for protestors
5/6/24 Trump interview throws haters into a hair-on-fire hysteria
5/6/24 So, why wasn’t the National Guard at the Capitol that day, REALLY?
5/6/24 Four cases of lawfare against Trump, one gigantic trainwreck
5/6/24 Trump’s been gagged by a biased judge, so let’s all speak up
5/6/24 LOL: Trump’s numbers are going up
5/6/24 Any return to sanity is bad news for the Democrats, and here’s a welcome example:
5/2/24 Police respond nationwide to pro-Hamas campus demonstrations
5/2/24 Coming Attraction: Judge Cannon set to release info on denial of Trump’s attorney-client privilege
5/2/24 Another legal expert trashes AG Bragg’s case as bogus