June 2024

Date Title
6/13/24 Pelosi on video taking “responsibility” for lack of security on J6: a follow-up
6/13/24 AG Garland found in contempt of Congress; can the House do more?
6/12/24 Aftermath of the Hunter guilty verdict: it’s the spin we all knew was coming
6/11/24 Hunter doesn’t take the stand; defense hopes jury won’t enforce law
6/11/24 An odd conglomeration of J6 stories, with Pelosi...admitting guilt?
6/10/24 A Tale of Two Trials: Donald Trump’s and Hunter Biden’s
6/6/24 Massie questions AG Garland: “Is Jack Smith’s appointment even constitutional?”
6/6/24 D-Day: 80 years
6/6/24 Hunter on trial for gun charges, Day 3
6/4/24 Biden plans to get tough on the border today
6/4/24 Violating the FACE Act
6/4/24 Jury selection complete in Hunter Biden gun case; opening statements today
6/4/24 Fauci questioned
6/4/24 Lean Back And Pass The Popcorn:
6/1/24 Trump Guilty (And Lesser Fictions)

May 2024

Date Title
5/31/24 The Alito Flag Kerfuffle
5/31/24 Major win for Free Speech
5/31/24 Very Good News From Israel:
5/28/24 New Poll
5/28/24 Waking up to the dangers of the flood of unvetted illegal immigrants
5/28/24 Closing statements Tuesday in Merchan’s Manhattan courtroom
5/27/24 Memorial Day
5/27/24 The Meaning of Memorial Day
5/25/24 Happy Anniversary
5/25/24 Secret Service, CIA mysteriously involved in Hunter Biden case
5/24/24 Michael Flynn’s new, very personal documentary about being targeted by the Deep State
5/22/24 Be honest: at this trial, Michael Cohen is a human dumpster fire, and so is Judge Merchan
5/21/24 Harvard: Lessons Learned Or Only Identified?
5/20/24 Biden’s Betrayal
5/20/24 Disappointing Court Rulings:
5/20/24 Best News You’ll Read Today:
5/20/24 The Pro-Quackery Party
5/20/24 Trump trial just getting interesting: let’s hope defense calls Bob Costello
5/20/24 Here’s how well appeasing pro-Hamas communist radicals works:
5/20/24 The Democrat convention
5/18/24 Alice Stewart RIP
5/16/24 Democrat ideas
5/16/24 Primary Results
5/16/24 Give thanks to some of the snowflake jihadi of the Infant-ada
5/16/24 Cohen for the prosecution: His second cringeworthy day on the stand
5/16/24 WPATH
5/16/24 Debate Update
5/10/24 Happy Mother's Day
5/8/24 Judge Aileen Cannon postpones Trump documents trial indefinitely
5/8/24 Will sanity prevail in Georgia?
5/7/24 It’s so clear: Lawfare IS how the Democrats plan to beat Trump
5/7/24 Politico: Protests are being funded by the BIGGEST Democrat Donors
5/7/24 No consequences for protestors
5/6/24 Four cases of lawfare against Trump, one gigantic trainwreck
5/6/24 Trump’s been gagged by a biased judge, so let’s all speak up
5/6/24 LOL: Trump’s numbers are going up
5/6/24 Trump interview throws haters into a hair-on-fire hysteria
5/6/24 Any return to sanity is bad news for the Democrats, and here’s a welcome example:
5/6/24 So, why wasn’t the National Guard at the Capitol that day, REALLY?
5/2/24 Election interference
5/2/24 Police respond nationwide to pro-Hamas campus demonstrations
5/2/24 Coming Attraction: Judge Cannon set to release info on denial of Trump’s attorney-client privilege
5/2/24 Another legal expert trashes AG Bragg’s case as bogus
5/2/24 Undercover camera: CIA, FBI withheld intel information from Trump, still spies on him
5/2/24 “Special Counsel” Jack Smith hit with ethics complaint
5/1/24 Delays and challenges: “Special Counsel” Jack Smith’s cases have pundits in a tailspin

April 2024

Date Title
4/30/24 Major updates on “classified documents” case and other anti-Trump lawfare
4/29/24 Big updates on Jack Smith’s J6 and “classified documents” cases
4/29/24 How desperate is the media to cover for Joe Biden’s weaknesses? Try this:
4/29/24 The occupation continues
4/29/24 An important heads-up on global censorship from Dan Bongino
4/26/24 Mark this occasion down: I actually agree with a Pelosi!
4/26/24 Biden to Morehouse College
4/26/24 How to handle the pro-terrorist protests
4/26/24 “Not This (BLEEP) Again!”
4/26/24 Mark this occasion down: I actually agree with a Pelosi!
4/26/24 SCOTUS hears oral arguments on presidential immunity and it goes very well
4/25/24 Here’s what would have been in Tucker Carlson’s last show
4/25/24 Judge Cannon releases unredacted court filing alleging collaboration among NARA, White House, DOJ
4/24/24 Hush money trial is nothing to Bragg about
4/24/24 Shock but no surprise: Anti-Trump commentators have weekly confab to discuss coverage of “show trial”
4/23/24 Biden’s own “fine people” remark is last straw; Dershowitz pulls away from Democrat Party
4/23/24 The anti-Israel protests erupt
4/22/24 QUOTE OF THE DAY: Scott Adams makes the case for J6 Committee going to jail
4/22/24 CONFIRMED: ATF agents who killed Bryan Malinowski weren’t wearing bodycams.
4/22/24 New York: opening statements Monday in so-called “hush money” trial
4/22/24 Remember Eric Ciaramella? “Anonymous whistleblower” who sparked Trump’s first impeachment shows CIA involvement
4/18/24 Biden’s border chaos is having an impact on blue cities
4/18/24 Katie Couric insults half the country
4/18/24 New James O’Keefe undercover video: who’s REALLY running the White House?
4/17/24 Jury selection in New York
4/17/24 Follow-up: SCOTUS hearing on the J6 “obstruction of an official proceeding” charge
4/16/24 Some of the latest developments following Iran’s failed attack on Israel…
4/16/24 Trump hush money case goes to trial
4/15/24 Trump NYC Trial Begins
4/15/24 Iran attacks Israel
4/15/24 Interesting but unverified story from “CIA contractor” about FBI, J6 and entrapment
4/15/24 Tax Day
4/13/24 Real journalist Catherine Herridge testifies before Congress
4/11/24 Mainstream Media begins to admit some things we have all known
4/11/24 Arizona Supreme Court’s abortion ruling is more nuanced than the pro-abortion side would have you believe
4/11/24 GOP senators demand FBI agents testify about Biden bribery source Smirnov
4/10/24 Democrats backpedal
4/10/24 Abolish the FBI? These two FBI agents think so
4/9/24 Trump issues abortion statement