February 2017

Date Title
2/18/17 The Power of President Trump
2/15/17 General Flynn Resigns
2/15/17 Does this seriously require an investigation?
2/15/17 Naturally this infuriated liberals...
2/9/17 Blumenthal and Gorsuch
2/8/17 When Will Hillary Speak Up?
2/8/17 Haters Gotta Hate
2/8/17 Slip Of The Tongue
2/8/17 Double Standard
2/8/17 Lady Gaga's Performance

January 2017

Date Title
1/31/17 President Trump Nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch
1/27/17 Mary Tyler Moore RIP
1/24/17 Trump Goes To Work
1/23/17 The Protests Saturday
1/18/17 Now Impeachment?!?
1/18/17 Obama Commutes Manning Espionage Sentence
1/18/17 What's the worst thing Obama has done?
1/18/17 NeverTrumpers Not Welcome, Not News
1/16/17 My Thoughts On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
1/13/17 Back In The News
1/13/17 Trump To Giuliani: "You're Hired!"
1/13/17 Interesting Timing
1/13/17 Standing Up To Bullies
1/11/17 President-Elect Donald Trump's Press Conference
1/9/17 Meryl Streep's Speech
1/2/17 The Russian Menace
1/1/17 Happy New Year!

December 2016

Date Title
12/29/16 More Sad News From Hollywood
12/29/16 Obama Doesn't Know What Happened On Election Day
12/27/16 It Is An Outrage
12/25/16 Merry Christmas!
12/24/16 The Perfect Christmas Eve Story
12/23/16 A Permanent Attitude Change
12/22/16 This Christmas Think About...
12/21/16 Tina's Christmas Memory
12/20/16 Kevin's Story
12/19/16 Nothing Can Keep Us Apart From The Ones We Love At Christmas
12/19/16 Zsa Zsa Gabor RIP
12/16/16 My Thoughts On Some News You May Have Missed...
12/9/16 My John Glenn Tribute
12/5/16 Neil Cavuto Said It Best
12/2/16 Trump Is Not Obama

November 2016

Date Title
11/25/16 Wait and See
11/24/16 Happy Thanksgiving
11/18/16 Ludicrous Attacks on Steve Bannon Don’t Pass the Smell Test
11/17/16 Old Habits Die Hard...
11/16/16 Correction
11/16/16 Apathy
11/16/16 Democrats In Chaos
11/15/16 Jon Voight Reviews Trump
11/12/16 Rest In Peace
11/12/16 Thank You President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid!
11/9/16 Did Anyone Get the License of That Truck That Just Ran Over the Media?
11/9/16 Congratulations To President Elect Donald Trump
11/8/16 Trump Takes Early Lead
11/7/16 Hillary's Maid Prints Classified Stuff
11/7/16 The Latest News
11/7/16 It Is Called Consciousness Of Guilt
11/6/16 Donald Has Your Back
11/6/16 Vote Trump: Throw The Bums Out
11/6/16 A Fantastic Story
11/4/16 Obama Knows Why Hillary's Campaign Is Struggling...
11/4/16 Shock Poll Reveals Truth
11/3/16 New Details: Clinton Foundation Investigation
11/1/16 White House Won't Condemn Comey

October 2016

Date Title
10/31/16 Fasten your seat belts
10/31/16 No standards at all
10/25/16 Sad News
10/25/16 Follow The Money On FBI Investigation
10/21/16 Michelle Obama's Golden Gown And The Politics Of Fashion
10/20/16 The Final Debate
10/17/16 News You Might Have Missed
10/14/16 The UN Is Utterly Nuts
10/13/16 A Warning For Voters
10/12/16 Heckuva Job Hillary And Barack
10/11/16 One Major Reason Why I Support Donald Trump
10/11/16 The Worst Ever?
10/11/16 16 Times Democrats Tried To Abuse The Justice System...
10/11/16 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Get A Security Detail
10/11/16 FBI Agents Think Hillary Should Be In Jail
10/9/16 Trump Won The Debate.
10/8/16 Donald Trump's Comments Are Inexcusable
10/7/16 News you might have missed....Friday edition
10/7/16 Political Correctness Run Amuck
10/6/16 The Republicans Fault
10/5/16 Three Stories You Might Have Missed This Morning...
10/5/16 Why Mike Pence Won
10/3/16 Hillary Silenced Women
10/3/16 My Monday Roundup of Interesting News

September 2016

Date Title
9/30/16 News you might have missed!
9/29/16 A Missed Opportunity For Donald Trump
9/28/16 "The record" shows Trump correct on own opinion
9/28/16 Paul Ryan
9/27/16 My Thoughts On Last Night's Debate
9/26/16 The First Debate
9/26/16 Hillary Didn't "Intend" To Expose National Secrets
9/26/16 The New York Times Endorses Hillary Clinton
9/26/16 Arnold Palmer
9/26/16 Join Me In Israel
9/23/16 My advice for Hillary