September 2016

Date Title
9/23/16 My advice for Hillary
9/22/16 Friday Roundup
9/20/16 News You Might Have Missed...
9/18/16 Terror Hits The United States
9/17/16 Obama and the Birthers
9/16/16 My Weekend News Roundup
9/15/16 More On Deplorables...
9/13/16 News You Might Have Missed...
9/12/16 Hillary's Health
9/11/16 15 Years - We Remember
9/10/16 Why They Won't Vote For Hillary
9/9/16 Friday News Roundup
9/9/16 The Commander-In-Chief Forum
9/9/16 What the Polls Mean For Donald Trump
9/8/16 Trumps Military Speech, Hollywood Liberals Freaking Out
9/8/16 Hillary softballs, Gary Johnson brain fart
9/7/16 88 Military Leaders Endorse Donald Trump
9/7/16 Conservative News Roundup
9/5/16 God Bless You Phyllis
9/5/16 More Than A Hollywood Actor: Hugh O'Brian RIP

August 2016

Date Title
8/30/16 Conservative News Roundup
8/26/16 Follow The Money With Hillary
8/26/16 Veteran Kills Himself In Parking Lot of VA Hospital
8/25/16 Thursday News Roundup
8/23/16 Tuesday News Roundup
8/23/16 Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice
8/19/16 Friday News Roundup
8/19/16 It is only Thursday...
8/19/16 Saturday News Roundup
8/17/16 Oops!
8/17/16 My News Roundup
8/17/16 The Great Obamacare Sucking Sound
8/16/16 How Venezuela got that way
8/16/16 Why Isn’t The DNC Being Pressured To Replace Hillary?
8/15/16 No Deed Goes Unpunished
8/10/16 Donald Trump
8/10/16 Hillary's Health Records Must Be Declassified

July 2016

Date Title
7/25/16 A Giant Among Us Goes Home
7/25/16 Leaked DNC Emails Reveal Outrageous Chicanery, Collusion
7/22/16 Donald Trump's Speech
7/21/16 As A Friend of Mine Likes to Say "He Gone"
7/20/16 Walking Small
7/20/16 My View Of The Republican Convention
7/20/16 Anti-Trump Protests More Fizzle Than Sizzle
7/18/16 A Fantasy Washington...
7/17/16 Thank A Police Officer And Pray For The Fallen
7/15/16 Our Rights Are Trampled Too Easily...
7/15/16 Twenty Years Ago Today
7/14/16 Special Treatment for Hillary
7/13/16 State Department Spent US Tax Dollars To Defeat Netanyahu
7/11/16 A Tragic Irony
7/11/16 My Response To The Washington Post
7/11/16 Comey "Connections" TO HILLARY Pre-Date Email Investigation
7/6/16 No Charges for Hillary, Deja Vu All Over Again
7/6/16 Paul Ryan Responds to Hillary FBI News
7/6/16 Remember the DNC Email Hack?
7/5/16 The Fix Is In

June 2016

Date Title
6/28/16 Benghazi Update
6/27/16 News Roundup - 3 stories you might have missed!
6/27/16 Supreme Court Cannot Be Trusted To Protect The Constitution
6/26/16 “Where There’s A Will, There’s a Way…a Way Out. Bye George!”
6/24/16 American Shockwave Is Next...
6/23/16 Hillary Doubles Down On Stupid
6/21/16 Rewriting History: Whose Motives Should We Be Questioning?
6/16/16 The Rush To Pass New Gun Laws
6/15/16 The Democrats Are Bad At National Security
6/14/16 13 Words
6/14/16 Afghan Immigrants Not "Americanized"
6/14/16 Trump's Strong National Security Speech Turns Heads
6/14/16 We Need Another Reagan
6/13/16 Why Did The Orlando Terrorist Call 911?
6/12/16 The Orlando Terror Attack
6/11/16 3 Stories Worth Reading
6/10/16 Another Reason Why We Can't Let Hillary Win...
6/10/16 Watch: Join Me In Israel
6/9/16 Where is this Teflon Republican?
6/8/16 The News...My Take
6/7/16 Disturbing Read
6/6/16 4 Stories Worth Reading Today
6/3/16 A Stroke Of Luck
6/3/16 Hillary's Excuse of the Day
6/3/16 Peggy Erickson, RIP
6/2/16 Latest Clinton Poll Defines Deviancy To New Low

May 2016

Date Title
5/31/16 Hillary's Crocodile Tears...
5/31/16 Americans Are Fed Up With This Garbage
5/25/16 Our Wedding Photo (1974!)
5/25/16 Happy Anniversary!
5/24/16 Fantasyland
5/24/16 Obama's Tire Fire
5/23/16 Breaking News: Freddie Gray Case
5/23/16 The Cheesy Story of the day...
5/22/16 We shouldn't be surprised this happened at Berkeley...
5/20/16 The Magic of Free Speech
5/18/16 Breaking News: This is an impressive list!
5/18/16 Obama’s Warning Against Inexperienced Presidents: His Best Joke Yet
5/18/16 Ben Rhodes: Let's Define "Strategic" Communications
5/17/16 As Hillary Slips In the Polls, She Invokes the 1990s...
5/17/16 It Is Primary Tuesday
5/16/16 Eat Crow Bernie
5/15/16 Friends With Benefits